Breathless...Miscarriage and a Loss Remembered

It was just a flash, out of the corner of my eye,

as they walked passed the end of the aisle of the Target store yesterday.

A mother and daughter, arms casually entwined, sharing a laugh.

A beat and then a flood of recognition.....

I knew that mother ten years ago.

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A Mix of Emotions for Mother's Day

It happened again this year. Foraging through the greeting card aisle looking for just the right Mother's Day cards for the women I adore. I'll admit it, Mother's Day is not a simple holiday for me. It is a one that fills me with love and gratitude and grief.....all rolled up into a 45 minute roller coaster of emotions that leaves me fighting back tears, biting my lip and taking a deep breath when I'm done, in the card aisle no less.

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