Simple Tips for Creating a Cohesive Space

Simple Tips for Creating a Cohesive Space

You may have the picture-perfect vases and glassware that produce a glistening display in your cupboard. You might even own the most breath-taking Victorian era furniture in pristine condition. But even the most perfect of accessories can fall flat in a room lacking a cohesive space.Creating a sense of unity in your home is a top priority, especially when it comes to getting the most out of your preexisting style and decor. When it comes to designing your home, there is no right or wrong. It’s a matter of choosing what accessories, colors, and furnishings best suit you and making all of your preferences work flawlessly together.Every home is about as unique and varied as the individuals who live in it — so why not let it show? You don't have to settle for mundane color schemes or one specific style to create the ultimate look in your home.If your rooms seem to emit a sort of choppiness or you can’t quite get the looks of your room to flow, be sure to check out our simple tips for creating a cohesive look in your home below.

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Beautify Your Home This Autumn with the Following Trends

Beautify Your Home This Autumn with the Following Trends

When it comes to home improvements, spring gets all the attention. Whether you’re cleaning your entire house or knocking out your honey-do list, the warm, sunny season seems to be the time to do it.

But autumn is a great time to tackle home beautification, too. As the weather cools off post-summer, you can comfortably update your space. You can also draw plenty of inspiration from fall colors and trends that will shape runways and interior designs this season and beyond.

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Simple Steps to Take If You Want to Restyle Your Room

Simple Steps to Take If You Want to Restyle Your Room

Every so often, it can just feel like it’s time for a change, especially if the interior of your living space has looked the same for a long time. It’s easy to have a vague picture of a newly designed room in your head that will make your decorating itch go away, but it’s an entirely different challenge to make that dream part of your home. There are many different challenges that people face when deciding how to restyle a room, but there’s no need to worry about any of them. Each can be met with ease if you approach them with thoughtful decisions. The key is to take your time. If you want your room to be perfect, you can’t rush it!

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A 'Surprise' Branch of My Family Tree

Last weekend Scott and I made our annual trip to Newport Beach to see a  surprise ‘branch’ of my family tree. This side of my family, the Swansons, are my birth family. I am the oldest sibling, adopted to another family at birth. Rod and Dorie are my full-blooded brother and sister and were raised by their parents never knowing there was an older sister.  A number of family members knew about that first baby-but not these two.


Dorie always thought she was the oldest sibling (nope!). I think that makes us even more alike-two first born sisters.  We’ve never had a fight, though she laughs and says maybe we should “just to say we did”.

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Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

Be my guest! It's finally the summer season which means many of us will be doing some travel of some variety. It may be a luxury resort, a tour, a road trip, a camping adventure or visiting friends and loved ones for a vacation. With that in mind, I've been in the mood to update our guest room for summertime guests.

Start with freshly laundered, high thread count (read smooth)  sheets.  I love to use all white sheets in our guest room for a fresh feel. I add a lightweight comforter, either down or hypo-allergenic (best for those with allergies). This bold black and white duvet cover captured my eye the other day and I'm liking the additional pop it gives the room.  I layer on a colorful coverlet, this one is DKNY, folded at the lower edge of the bed which can be added for cooler nights to adjust the level of warmth.

I always add fresh flowers~tuberoses, freshly cut roses or white lilies have lovely scents. Gardenias are fresh and fragrant from our garden during the summer season. I like to float them in a pretty vase or bowl. 

My mom, Jeri, is a flower lover and had fresh flowers from her garden in the house, most days, while I was growing up. This small tradition definitely makes life a little more beautiful. 

Lightly scented candles (don't forget the matches!) are another favorite touch.My current favorite is the Dayna Decker candle.  I always include an alarm clock but hopefully, no one will need to use it during a relaxing visit.

This glass dish is originally from my husband's family. Scott's mother had labeled it (using tape and waterproof pen) with this caption 'Daddy State's candy dish 1800's'. Labeling family heirlooms adds is an instant reminder to the family of the history of the piece. A history that might otherwise be forgotten.

Fluffy white towels are always a must in my house. Magazines for early or late night reading is a nice touch to deal with insomnia. I often include a travel magazine for dreaming about the next adventure.  Putting items in a welcoming basket is a good way for your quests to know you thought of them in preparation for the visit. This Kai perfume oil smells like a tropical holiday in a spritz.

When I travel I easily get dehydrated so a carafe of water within easy reach is essential to quench the dreaded midnight thirst.I like to change out the photo based on who is visiting. Our girls are our most frequent overnighters so I love to use this one from our trip to Cabo San Lucas in 2007.

On a tray, I include some favorite spa items like the MOR body butter, sugar scrub, and fragrant soaps.

A light summer weight robe is also a nice touch to avoid any 'mishaps' around the house. #tmiThis chic number in Greek key motif is one of my favorites.

A corner chair is always handy for conversation or putting on shoes.

This little sparkler was a find from Target.

The vintage print and two petite florals painted by my mom, Jeri, many years ago are special to me. Aren't they sweet?

My final tip~Stock up on toiletries and extra supplies for guests in the guest bathroom. I always supply toothbrushes & toothpaste, lotions, deodorant, band-aids, anti-bacterial ointment, and aspirin.

Typically my recommendation is that a weekend or long weekend is the perfect length of time for a visit. You know what they say about how guests and fish alike don't you??(After three days they both begin to stink.......ha ha ha -just jokes here!!;) I tend to follow that rule when I am a guest in someone else's home as well. 

Leave 'em wanting more.... also a great motto for life!

If you are welcoming guests this summer or being a house guest yourself,here's to long lazy mornings catching up over coffee, walking and talking, belly laughs and shared sunsets, with a glass of wine, enjoying those you love. 

Are you having house guests this summer? 

How are your travel plans shaping up? 


Welcome to the Weekend...Fabulous Fridays!

I'm crushing on a fresh pop of color with some shine

I adore Friday.  It's the gateway to the weekend for most of us and it's also my day off from my career as a School Psychologist. During the rest of the week I try to "make the world a better place" for our teachers and their students with emotional/developmental disabilities. Our teachers and clinicians are fantastic- they ROCK!- and I'm honored to work with them four days a week. These fine folks also kindly tolerate me in a bit of a split personality. I may wear a heel a little too high to be practical ('what if we have a runner?' and I don't mean in your tights) or maybe a little too much animal print for an IEP/case management meeting or maybe those folders seem a bit too coordinated to my outfit (sometimes you just can't help it).  My team does, however, appreciate the regular parties I throw to celebrate their dedication and indulge my love of entertaining.

There, I've said it......... I must do meaningful work for my mind AND I need to indulge my eye for design, fashion, a little sparkle and the occasional stiletto for my sense of style. My new blog and upcoming side projects are my attempt to balance this slice of life with my workday world.  I'm hoping Stylemindchic is just this balance for me and may bring some lifestyle inspiration to you.

It's Fabulous Friday and I want to share a few of my favorite design inspirations for today borrowed from my Pinterest boards. If you aren't yet obsessed with Pinterest I'll send you an invite so you can join the rest of us sleep-deprived Pinterest addicts (just make a comment and include your email address below).



Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!



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