Globetrotting in Style with UncommonGoods


Globetrotting with UncommonGoods

As an avid traveler and travel consultant, it's no surprise that I'm intrigued by globes. In fact, the only collection I allow myself to cultivate is my growing assortment of globes. I'm on the lookout for unique color schemes and functionality. One of my favorite gifts to give fellow globetrotters is a globe. I received the beautiful white and gold number above from my step-daughter, Briana.

I recently received the night sky constellation globe above, a vintage piece from my growing up years, from my mom. I've been intrigued by this globe for most of my life so this is a special new addition.



We picked up one of my favorite family traditions, that I am passing on, from Scott's parents. They marked every travel destination they visited on this globe with a self-adhesive jewel. You may be able to see some of the jewels in the image above. No doubt, I was thrilled when we inherited their globe.

Scott and I are gearing up to create our own globe to mark our travel destinations It has not always been easy to find globes, and maps, with the functionality I want. In searching for globes during the holidays, as gifts for my well-traveled nephews, I was reminded of the unique finds at Uncommon Goods. They have a fantastic selection and these are just a few of the well-traveled items I spotted.


Whether it's a corkboard globe, a scratch-off map, map coasters, or a pillow of where you fell in love from the home collection, there is a great selection. The Anniversary Pushpin World Map is customizable for names and is the perfect anniversary gift for the well-traveled couple. You will find additional ideas for anniversary gifts on the site.  I also spotted the customizable Map Bracelet for her from the artistic and unique gift collection.

I've been a fan since the first catalog arrived in my mailbox years ago. The products, gathered from around the world, have a unique vibe, just as the brand name implies.  I appreciate the brand's commitment to sharing the artistry of local and global designers, as well as forming a community that revels in design and the stories that go into creating each piece. Along with showcasing artisans and artists, founder Dave Bolotsky, has a strong focus on creating an enriching work environment for all employees. Since day one the goal has been to remain sustainable and to minimize the impact on the environment as they continue to do from their happy, uncommon workplace in Brooklyn, New York. It's always a treat to share brands that I believe in and this is one of them. Learn more about the Uncommon Mission and shop UncommonGoods.



Are you a collector?


Thank you for supporting the brands that support Style*Mind*Chic Life.

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Celebrating New Chapters and a Feature on 'Dreams on 34th Street'!


Celebrating New Chapters!

I'm a big believer in celebrating the milestone events in life. It's not about how much money is spent or expensive gifts, it's about marking that moment in time. Just taking a few moments to acknowledge the efforts and the accomplishment. Last weekend things finally calmed down around here. Scott and I took a few moments on Saturday to enjoy the calm, a warm evening poolside, a grilled steak and a bottle of champagne. I don't always dress up for a poolside soiree for two, but I was in the mood for a pretty dress and fun faux pearls. The flip flops keep it from being all too precious for a Saturday evening at home. Can you believe this was the first day of October?




[perfectpullquote align="full" cite="" link="" color="" class="" size=""]

"It's not a party until a champagne cork is floating in the pool!"


We had the makings for a celebratory evening at home that cost almost nothing. Scott toasted the launch of my new travel business and my first official travel clients: booking an Eastern Caribbean cruise!

And the next day all "hail" broke loose in Chico.

Speaking of celebrating, I had a wonderful surprise in my inbox yesterday. My blog friend, Lynne of Dreams on 34th Street, featured StyleMindChic Life, my boutique and new curated travel business on her blog. I am so honored to be part of her newly launched, "Share the Muse" series in the post "Share the Muse! Style.Mind.Chic Lifestyle". I've been inspired by Lynne, and her beautiful blog with a french twist, for many years. Be sure to add her to your must read blog list!





Finally, there is one more day of the giveaway and you can enter on this post,

Introducing Curated Travel - Great Escape Travel Agency + a Giveaway!



Curated Collections at Style*Mind*Chic Boutique

PS-Gift Cards are BACK!!!


Holiday Cheer from Our Home to Yours!


Wishing you holiday cheer from our home to yours on Christmas day.


Well hello there and welcome to Stylemindchic Life. I can't tell you how much it means that you've stopped by today.

During this season of celebrating family, friendships and spreading holiday cheer, I want to celebrate you. Your support of Stylemindchic Life (and me) means more than I can say. Thank you for your interest, your comments and your blog love.


I wish we could gather in person today. We would meet together by the tree and enjoy some holiday tunes, festivities and sip some spicy cider.


I would encourage Scott to show off his enormous collection of Christmas globes and the light show on the house outside. We would take a moment to admire the twinkling lights and the winter views from the deck.


We would raise a glass to toast to the joys of the year and our hopes for the new year to come.

We would likely grow misty-eyed at the memories of those no longer gathering around our tables this year.



We know they will live forever in our hearts, and our sparkling memories are sure to bring a smile...

even as we wipe away a tear.

I am feeling misty... are you?


A tiny tinsel tree--a golden wreath--it all speaks to the glow of the holiday season.


Reflections of the joy and spirit of the holidays.


Do you believe, in your heart, in the magic of Christmas?


In those beautiful moments, filled with merriment and those we love, a kind of magic may just happen,

if we keep our eyes open to it.


Like this one.

After I published a holiday post 2 years ago, I discovered that most of the photographs were twinkling. I still consider it a minor Christmas miracle. ;)  A Home for the Holidays





For the first time in 20 years I didn't send Christmas cards this year. There was simply too much on the agenda. If you are reading this post please consider this my warm holiday wish for you and yours this season.


We will be hosting Christmas at our house this year. All the girls are in town which is always cause for celebration!

Before the season winds down we will be making a dash to San Francisco for some holiday festivities.

Previous holidays:

 Holidays in San Francisco

Holidays in London and Paris

How are you spending your holidays this season?

Wishing you and yours holiday cheer...

from our home to yours!




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The Fine Art of Tender Loving Care #TLC


We are 9 days in since my husband's shoulder surgery and things have gone as well as possible. The best news is that Scott isn't feeling any real pain! There has been lots of down time--icing, dozing, reading, catching up on movies, a few one-handed projects--for him. Though I worked during the week, our schedule has slowed way down in the evenings and weekends, which has been a pleasant change.

This down time has me thinking about the fine art of tender loving care. I think I'm a decent nurse. To be honest, I'm more a decent soother/server than a real nurse type. I don't do as well with wound care and bodily functions--no barf or butts for me. That's why my sister, Heidi, became the nurse and I became the school psychologist. That said, I do like to offer up some tender loving care, especially to someone in recovery mode.

Preparing for surgery requires some pre-planning--picking up prescriptions before the surgery, packing some comfortable clothing that works over the surgery sight, socks or slippers to keep inactive feet warm, and even a plastic bag (for the drive home--in case the anesthetic has a negative impact on the stomach). Once home, it's a comfy chair or bed already prepped with extra pillows and throws. I keep trays, straws, a water carafe on hand for ease.  Broth, soups, yogurts, smoothies and even ice cream (Scott's fave) tend to go down easily on the post op tummy.


Speaking of TLC, this sweet package--a full blown dinner-- was waiting on our doorstep when we arrived home from the surgery center. Our friends, Mike and Melanie, created the perfect comfort food dinner of chicken gumbo, cooked rice, a crusty loaf of french bread and a bottle of zinfandel. Of course we had food in the house, but this kind gesture was the perfect act of TLC following the stress of surgery and recovery.Though "chef" Mike made this delicious gumbo from scratch, I realize that even a hearty soup from the deli could work for this comfort food meal in a bag. We definitely plan to pay it forward!


Scott received a number of calls, cards, texts and loads of Facebook love. I am a firm believer it helps the recovery process to feel the TLC from friends and family. Our friends, David and Jill, sent one of David's favorite books,The Boys in the Boat, to help ease the boredom for Scott. A few clicks on Amazon and they shared some special TLC. I love this idea!!


Food is usually a good way to give some TLC for someone in recovery mode. When we slow our life down a bit simple pleasures feel more enjoyable--like how this cheesy frittata slid so easily out of my new Calphalon pan. It was like magic! Here are some tips on making a perfect fritta from Bon Appetit. I made this one up on the fly and it still worked out well. Maybe I got lucky?


When someone is basically housebound for two weeks it's good to think up some fun ideas. Last weekend, I took Scott on a "virtual" walk in Paris while doing some travel planning for July. Thanks to Google street views we were able to cruise all over Paris and some of our favorite neighborhoods. Genius!!


Friday was my day off, so I surprised "my patient" by suggesting breakfast out at our local Bellachino's cafe and a walk in Bidwell Park. The park is glorious this time of year!


As it turned out, Scott loved every minute of our little excursion. #TLC


In the end, I guess giving a little TLC for recovery really is a walk in the park! I also think that giving or receiving TLC is truly a gift, and therein lies the fine art of TLC. Do you have any tips for giving TLC?



Curated Collections at my Stylemindchic Boutique!! #gotgifts?

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Creating Outdoor Living Spaces at Home (and my favorite tip!)

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces with lounges, cushions and a pool view on Stylemindchic Life  

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces at Home


This time of year, the gentle spring breezes, drenched with pale yellow sunshine, make me want to spend my days with the doors thrown open wide, or better yet, in our outdoor living spaces. If you've taken a peek at my Instagram feed you will notice that Scott and I spend as much time as possible outdoors. Whether it's morning coffee on the terrace, or capturing the sunset with a glass of wine poolside, we live outdoors anytime the weather permits. We are all about creating outdoor living spaces this season.


Creating Outdoor Living Spaces on Stylemindchic Life terrace with lounge furniture and colorful pillows

We entertain often in the spring and summer so last weekend I wanted to be sure my outdoor living spaces were ready.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces and colorful pillows on Stylemindchic Life

My first stop was to purchase some colorful, punch-of-color pillows to liven up our spaces. This collection is from World Market.  Outdoor rugs make the 'living room' comfortable underfoot. Umbrellas, to provide shade for the sunny California climate, are essential.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces Stylemindchic Life and patio poolside with chevron umbrella


Creating Outdoor Living Spaces on Stylemindchic Life and outdoor chaise lounges and umbrella on patio

Spaces to lounge and relax are a must for an outdoor living space. If I were ever to be caught napping it would definitely be on this double lounger. Plants and trees add a lush feel to outdoor living spaces. Our garden, at this home, is extremely low maintenance, and we designed it with that in mind. Grasses and sculptural plants, like the cordyline, add interest with almost no effort.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces and decks

I have several planters that need updating every few years and this was the year.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces and freshening up the planters with new succulents on Stylemindchic Life

After a quick trip through the garden shop, I loaded up the SUV with all kinds of succulents and a few focal plants. I had a list of what needed to be replaced, and I stuck to it. My color theme for freshening up my outdoor living spaces this season is lime green with pops of purple. I found this amazing plant, which can live indoors or outside, that looks like it has spun gold on the leaves. I'm trying to figure out the name of it (in the quick clean up of this project I dumped the tag). If you live in the states, I found it at Lowe's. I'm enthralled with the beauty of shimmering gold on a plant. I like using succulents for their unique beauty, shades of color and very low maintenance.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces with potted plants and a view of the pool

There are a few essentials I have for creating a space that is truly comfortable for outdoor living. Furniture for lounging is a must. I love clean, modern shapes with comfortable cushions and colorful pillows. I add throw blankets for chilly evenings. Candles and low voltage outdoor lighting provide ambiance, as well as safety, while walking at night. A fire bowl or fire pit adds extra warmth and glow.

My best tip for creating an outdoor living space is to bring the creature comforts you enjoy indoors outside.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces on Stylemindchic Life with succulents in a planter on the deck


Creating Outdoor Living Spaces Stylemindchic Life and fountain details of the front of the house

I also updated the succulent pot in the front of the house. Here we have more low maintenance plantings with citrus, cypress, olive trees, and rosemary, accented with decorative stone for texture. A water feature adds ambiance, and a soothing sound, to any space.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces front of house with area for lounging

I went a little wild with the pillows out front this season. The fun thing about pillows is that you can change them out, and change the look, on a whim. We don't use this spot out front enough (with the view out back you can see why). I do think it adds a welcoming feel to our home and it is perfect for holidays, like Halloween, when the neighbors are out and about.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces and welcome to our home at the front door open to the view

On those days when we must be inside, we will likely throw the doors open wide.

We are careful not to let this guy, Jack, escape.

Our next door neighbors here in California are coyotes.

Stylemindchic Lifestyle Logo

Do you have any outdoor living spaces?

What are your favorite ways of creating outdoor living spaces at your home?

More  outdoor living here, here and here.

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How to Create a Style Board Out of Wine Corks

  Vintage Gold Frame with Corks on Stylemindchic Lifestyle

Monday was a holiday for us and the power went out for several hours. What? No computer, WiFi, TV? I was grateful I didn't have any appointments requiring a spit bath or dry shampoo for a jaunt downtown. I happily settled into a project that I had started months ago, and let languish under the couch. What do you get when you marry wine corks with a vintage frame? The simplest, most festive, DIY project ever!!

Wine corks in a vintage gold frame on Stylemindchic Lifestyle

How to create a style board out of wine corks

1 - To prep for this project you must pop the cork on a nice bottle of wine...sip and repeat...and repeat. This part could take you several weeks, or you may get a jump on it if you host a big party! Don't rush this phase, it's so festive.

2 - Collect the corks in a bowl-the more the merrier! If you don't drink wine, never fear. I've seen bags of corks for sale at places like target and craft shops. Baffles me...why would I buy them with a steady stream being produced at home? #cottage industryMy Collage of wine corks and creating a style board  in a vintage gold frame on Stylemindchic Lifestyle

3 - Once you have a healthy assortment of corks, reminiscent of lovely evenings at home, wine tasting, and travels, look for a good-sized frame. I choose a vintage frame, antique gold and linen finish, that we had hanging in the garage.


I created a style board out of wine corks and a vintage frame

4 - Grab a glue gun, or any type of tacky glue. I used Elmer's since the power was out. Lay out your corks in a pattern that appeals to you and start gluing them to the backing of the frame. If you end up with irregular spacing you can always use a sharp knife to trim corks to fit a space. My pattern was fairly organic. It was a lot like doing a puzzle. No corks were harmed in creating this project! Once my style board was complete I laid it flat to dry for a day.


I used a vintage framed, glued on wine corks to create a style board for my office at Stylemindchic Lifestyle

I will use my style board for visual inspiration-blog post ideas, color schemes, jewelry designs, styling ideas, business ideas, shoe crushes, random quotes-and all the elements of my personal style. I tacked a few items up here to give you an idea since a personal style board must evolve over time.

My Gold and Turquoise Watch by Michael Kors #statement piece

It's a funny thing about visualizing style. Last week I was going through a file of old tear sheets that I had on a different style board last year. I had an image of this eye-catching watch by Michael Kors. I hadn't even remembered I had pulled it from a magazine and tacked it up, but I received this watch as a gift from my husband for Valentine's day. Apparently Scott took a peek at my style board.


Wine Bottle Wall Villa Valentina Los Cabos

And here's what I did with all those empty wine bottles! ;)


This is a cool project we discovered on our recent trip to Los Cabos.

It's all about reuse and recycling, right?

Stylemindchic Lifestyle and a style board made from a vintage frame and wine corks

Stylemindchic Lifestyle Logo

Wishing you some warm springtime weather where you are.

Are you a collector of corks like I am?


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Spring vibe on Stylemindchic Boutique

From Our House to Yours...Merry! Merry!

Scott and Heather Lindstrom

Merry, Merry from our house to yours! We are feeling the holiday spirit around our house this season. Are you feeling it too? I was so happy we remembered to take a family photo on Thanksgiving Day.  Here we are: Annika, me, Scott, Briana, Lauren (and furry Jack, age 14). I joined the family in 2000 and this is the best photo we've ever taken. You may just see it over and over again! When Scott and I married his girls were 13, 15 and 16. It is a true joy to see the beautiful young women they've grown into. As a stepfamily, each year is more of a celebration, and it feels like a true blessing.

Holiday House Stylemindchic Lifestyle

I'm so glad you are here today! I wish I could welcome you inside in person. The tree is up, the packages are wrapped and our hosting duties are in full swing. Scott's light show is complete (or so he says!).

Christmas Tree Stylemindchic Lifestyle

Buffet at Christmas

Dining Table Holiday Stylemindchic Life

Bar Table

Packages on Stylemindchic Lifestyle

Like many couples, Scott and I have different styles of holiday decorating. We've found that blending both styles is an important way to honor our individual preferences, as well as family traditions. We rotate who gets the 'theme' of the tree each year. This year it is my turn :).

Stylemindchic Life Holiday

I prefer more natural tones, mixed with sparkle and shimmer (you know me and the mixed metals). I love white lights and they remind me of the sparkling lights on the snow, from the days when my family owned a cottage at Lake Tahoe. I love a bit of faux fur, glitter and sentimental ornaments. My 'elves' hat is animal print and I love it.  A fragrant tree, candlelight, cozy throws, Christmas music (more 'Baby It's Cold Outside' than Chipmunks), mistletoe, spicy cider, holiday movies, Scott's misty-eyed reading of 'Polar Express', and family gathered close make my holidays come alive.

The Santa Room

Scott, on the other hand, has never met a Santa he didn't love! His snow globe collection has now grown from a table in the dining room to completely covering the piano in the den. I've actually renamed the den 'Santa's Room' for the holidays. We even added a 'toy' tree for the colorful, traditional ornaments. His love of Christmas is a thing to behold.  His solution for my love of white lights on the tree, and his love of colored lights, is to put them on two different plugs. We can alter the mood in a flash! In the end, who can quibble with a devotee of this adventurous golden Santa?

Crazy SantasThe first year I found him strapped into the back seat of my car on the way to work. The next year he flew out to greet me when I opened the automatic garage door. This year, he was up early to offer me a cup of coffee with a holiday towel. #instagold

Holiday Lights

Lindstrom Holiday Lights

Did I mention Scott's light show? I'm always amazed the first time I drive home and see the whole display lit up!! It's very merry (and I have absolutely nothing to do with it!).

We will be celebrating our Christmas with a couple of branches of our family tree, doing a bit of traveling, and celebrating a festive New Year's Eve in one of my favorite places.  Wishing you safe travels and cozy family times at home with those you love.

Stylemindchic Lifestyle Logo

As always, thank you for spending a few minutes of your holiday time visiting with me today.

What are your plans for the season?

Merry, Merry!


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A little stylish sparkle from my here?

Stylemindchic BOUTIQUE

Giving Thanks

Sunset from our deck in Chico

We are giving thanks today.......

for an unfiltered sunset,

Scott and Heather Lindstrom Sunset

and a pre-Thanksgiving birthday celebration for my favorite guy, Scott...

Scott's Birthday Collage

to kick off the holiday season.

The Lindstrom Family Collage Dad's 90th

Family is on our mind and we are feeling thankful we were lucky enough to host a

90th birthday celebration for Scott's Dad, Dean Lindstrom, last month.

All five of Dean's sons made it to the celebration!

Mom's Wedding Collage

This year we celebrated the first wedding anniversary for my mom and her husband, Hal.

We are beyond thankful that these two are enjoying life together, and

that we will be spending time with my family this weekend.

Orr Family at Wedding

We are thankful for our families near and far...

Swanson Family

and for another branch of my family tree in Newport Beach.

Stylemindchic Lifestyle Logo

Wherever you find yourself on this Thanksgiving Day, I hope you find it filled with love, family, and friends.

I am thankful that you are spending time with me today.


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Shop small Saturday at here!

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5 Ways to Update Decor for Fall

Fall at Home on Stylemindchic Lifestyle Are you ready to update your decor for fall? I know I'm not alone in finding the crisp feel to morning air, and the need to grab a throw blanket in the cool of the evening, to be welcome refreshers following a long hot summer. Fall is here!  When I start to feel the signs, I'm quick to make my top five edits to ready my home for fall. These are my five simple tips for updating home decor for the season: Our living room with pillows and throws for fall *I change out my throw pillows in our living room seasonally. I tend to move towards a fall palette of butterscotch, pumpkin, caramel, chocolate and burnished golds (don't they just sound delicious?). This season I've added pillows with a touch of shine to brighten up for the drab winter months. Faux fur is always cozy on a throw blanket, throw pillows or even a pouf, to encourage casual fall lounging by the fire. I love the neutral palette of our great room, but I've added pumpkin shades, below, and even a touch of animal print to the den. Adding touches of fall decor to the home *Toss a throw blanket on your couch, lounge, bed or favorite reading chair and you'll have an instant cozy feel to the room. Fall Elements on Stylemindchic Life *Bring out your favorite candles, with richer, more complex notes like smoke, woods and spice, in home fragrances for fall. Find some of my favorites, like Vineyard and Black Fig, in the Spa Collection at my Stylemindchic Boutique.  I also freshen up fall linens, pillows and throws, that have been stored, with a linen spray, like this one. Orange flowers for fall *I add large bowls of flowers as well as bowls for seasonal fruits and nuts during the season.  Apples, pomegranates, pears, walnuts and oranges are natural pops of color and texture in the winter months. Not only are bowls of fruit beautiful on display, they are great reminders of healthy snacking. fall pumpkin and succulents


Pumpkins mingle with succulents in this fall edit.

For some modern fall decorating tips these are fun from Update

These are some of my favorite fall finds to create a cozy transition to fall at home:


What are your favorite tips for adding a touch of fall to your home decor?

Stylemindchic Lifestyle Logo

This weekend I'll be helping with the styling for 'The Celebration' for Enloe Hospital starring breast cancer survivors.

I'm thrilled to be part of this very special and celebratory event.

Wishing you a warm and cozy first weekend of fall.


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The Fall Collection has arrived at my Stylemindchic Boutique!

The Fall Collection Stylemindchic Boutique

Welcome to the Weekend...Rose Gold Days of Summer

  Rosegold sunset at the Lindstrom house

A rose gold summer sunset from the deck

We made the most out of our summer relaxation time last weekend, absorbing every moment of the sun, floating, reading, napping on the deck, warm fresh tomatoes from farmers market, fresh cooking and enjoying this rose gold sunset.

Summer read and relax

Scott and I have been on vacation from our School Psychology careers for the last six weeks....and it's been just the break we craved. We had nearly 3 weeks of European travel and some wonderful time at home.

Napping on the deckThat all ends this week since he started back to work yesterday and my first day back will be Thursday. No wonder we wanted to make the most out of last weekend-it will be an adjustment for sure!

fresh veggies from farmers summer market

Remembering the fresh fare we enjoyed, all over Portugal and Spain in July, we brought in baskets of tomatoes, peaches, nectarines, corn, peppers and cucumbers from the farmer's market. From salsa to sangria there was lots of chopping going on in our kitchen.

Rustic Gazpacheo

We had savored a burst of flavor in a rustic gazpacho (cold soup) in Sevilla and sought to recreate that moment at home. I found this recipe from Food and Wine. Loading all the ingredients into the blender makes it easy, fast and especially healthy, loaded with all those nutrients. I buy a chili pepper paste, in the refrigerator section of our market, to add just the right 'heat' to a dish like this if I need a little extra fire.

Rustic Gazpacho

Blend to desired consistency and chill in the fridge. Scott chopped up some spicy, fresh salsa while this was chilling.

Rustic Gazpacho

Serve it with a squeeze of fresh lime, avocado, fresh cilantro, a dollop of sour cream and fresh salsa for a healthy summertime lunch. The freshness bursts in your mouth like a summer day in Sevilla, Spain, I promise.

Scott Lindstrom Chillin

As I posted on my Instagram last weekend, I love seeing my hard-working man this relaxed. We still have a couple of months of warmth, sun, swim and entertaining possibilities in our California future, but with returning to a full-time work schedule these times become much less frequent. In the meantime, as with any new 'school year', I'm cleaning out closets, refreshing my wardrobe for work attire (the caftans and halter maxis won't quite cut it ;) and finishing up more posts for my travel series on Portugal and Spain.


Stylemindchic Life-My home office

From my home office, on a rare rainy summer day here in Chico, It's feeling so cozy today that I lit a candle. This weather definitely makes me feel more productive and my comfy new desk chair (Alera Neratoli Mid-Back) is the perfect addition. I wore my last chair out-I know-the life of a blogger. Can you relate? ;)  I just wanted to say hello, and thank you for stopping by my blog. Your friendship and connection means more than I can articulate.

The deer outside my window today

In my last couple days of real summer, I'm appreciating the moments of travel, adventure, relaxation and connection, that summer has given me.  I just looked up and these three were stopping by to say "hello" and have a snack poolside. I'm feeling grateful for my summer today.

Are you feeling it too?

Up next, I'll be returning with a new post in our 'Summer Travel to Portugal and Spain' series and the old world charm of Sevilla, so stop back by.

Stylemindchic Lifestyle Logo

Where are you in your summertime mode?

Are you in the midst of relaxing, vacationing, work mode or gearing up for a new season like me?

I'd love to hear about it.


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Lifestyle collections at my Stylemindchic Boutique here.

Summer Lovin at Stylemindchic Boutique

Creating a Stylish Bar Cart at Home

  Colorful Bar Cart

Stylish bar carts, trays and set ups have caught my eye and I enjoy creating a stylish bar at home. With the end of school year celebrations, graduations, retirements and Father's Day, there have been parties galore, and we've all been busy entertaining.

Stylish bar cart oval

I've pulled a few favorites from pinterest for my inspiration and have experimented at home with a few of my must have items for setting up a drink bar.

Stylish Bar Cart

My tips for creating a stylish bar at home:

*Layer bottles, glassware, napkins, ice, and sliced citrus in a way that makes sense for easy self-service and to keep guests flowing smoothly.

*Use unique stemware or stemless glassware. I often use a vintage set of turquoise oval stemless, a gift from my Aunt Yvonne.

*Play with fun or colorful cocktail napkins. I use cocktail napkin trays from my Stylemindchic Boutique and fill them with colorful napkins. This way they stay neat and don't get liquid splashed on them as easily. If they have a quirky or funny saying all the better in my book.


Pastel bar cart

*Chill a pretty ice bucket with tongs to use for icing your drink of choice. I also set wine, mixers, soda water, and sparkling water bottles in an ice bucket for easy access (the ice to keep bottles cold and the ice for drinks are kept separately-for obvious reasons)

*Slice fresh citrus-lemons and limes- for squeezing into your favorite beverages.

*Arrange fresh citrus in a bowl for a fresh color pop.

Bar Tray at Stylemindchic Life

*Pick fresh blooms. Colorful nosegays add the perfect touch and don't take up too much space. I like bold color pops or a simple palette of monochromatics in my flowers. This is the bar table I've set up in our dining room. I change it out to suit my mood and leave it set up for spontaneous merrymaking.

Bar table at stylemindchicVintage bar with flowers

*Find vintage decanters, glassware and trays add a unique touch to your bar area like these I've collected over the years on the vintage bar in our den. The tray and decanter were finds on Scott and my first trip to Italy together.

Pretty bar cart with veuve

*Label glasses with stylish wine charms or letters. I often use a gold or silver metallic sharpie to write the names on the glasses.

This year I discovered wine glass writers and they are an easy option. I threw an end of the year part for my Special Education team, earlier this month, and wrote a congratulatory message on a glass for our newest team member. I then had requests to write a special message for several of our party goers. This added an extra personal touch to the merrymaking.

Bar cart with pink blooms

*Create a bar set-up for refreshing non-alcoholic beverages if cocktails aren't your thing.

Bar carts, trays and tables give a festive focal point to the space.

Classic Bar Cart

Classic styling

white bar cart

*Take it outside! Bar carts work perfectly for outdoor entertaining

and the wheels make them easy to move from place to place as needed.


Bar table set at Tamera Beardsley's home

From my Instagram

Tamera Beardsley's beautiful patio bar set up for our brunch together last fall was swoon-worthy.

Tamera and Jeff are the consummate hosts and we enjoyed every moment of our 'sparkling afternoon' together.

Limoncello and prosecco cocktail

Maybe it was my previous post on Portofino but I've had a craving for limoncello. Scott brought some home yesterday and it's now chilling in the freezer. It looks like this basil prosecco limoncello  cocktail could be in our future for this weekend. I'm thinking it may be a signature summer time sip.

This is a fun piece by one of my favorite tastemakers, Kelly Wearstler, on setting up a stylish home bar in Elle Decor.

Stylemindchic Life Logo Heather Lindstrom

Do you have any tips for setting up a stylish drink bar at home?

What's your signature summer sip?



Heather Orr  Lindstrom Signature

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Bar accents from stylemindchic life boutique

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Photo credits 1-9

A Sweet Mother's Day and a Giveaway Winner!

Yellow Tulips on Table

It was a sweet Mother's Day and we celebrated mom with this Mother's Day table.

Prepping for Mother's Day Collage Celebrating Mother's Day is a sweet affair.  It falls in spring, my favorite season, and the weather is generally perfect in May. It's become a tradition that my family travels to Chico to spend Mother's Day at our home. My beautiful mom is a consummate hostess, decorator and entertainer, so it's fun to create a little beauty for her.  Last year she brought this gorgeous bouquet from cuttings from her own garden. I don't have much of a flower garden in this home but I wanted to create a special table for mom. Scott found these little roses tucked away in our side yard so I used them to decorate the napkin rings. Mother's Day Collage

           We enjoyed a lovely afternoon with family celebrating Mom/Grandma, my sister, Heidi, and me, as a step-mom.

My Mother's Day

Though our girls were spending time with their mom (or traveling to Europe in Briana's case ;), I received some sweet texts from the girls.

Scott and my furry baby, Jack, came up with an 'awesome' card and surprise gift of my favorite Tom Ford fragrance, Neroli Portofino.

Scott always makes it a point to make my mother's day special.

Sneaker Chic Wearing sneakers is definitely not my fashion statement, unless I'm working out, but I joined the 'How I Wear My' series with Adrienne and Jill last week with 'sneaker chic'. I wore my Coach sneakers for this look and found them to be pretty great for a weekend outing. Thanks for hosting ladies. It's always fun to join up with this monthly fashion series of international looks.

I like these Supergas from Zappos for summer fun:



Superga 2750 COTU Classic (White) Lace up casual Shoes

On mother's day I opened an email to discover that I had won the Mercury Gift Card from the giveaway on Leslie's beautiful blog, For Around the Table. If you haven't followed her blog it's inspiring. A big thank you to Leslie and Blue Mercury!

Stylemindchic Logo

Happy Monday and wishing you a beautiful week!

xx, Heather Lindstrom Signature

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Stylemindchic Life and a New Address!

Welcome to the shiny, new version of the Stylemindchic Life. I am so happy we've found each other (again)! I feel like I'm welcoming you into my new 'blog home' with this first post on my new site.

Tulips on towel

 Come on in and let me show you around. I'm still unpacking, primping and zhushing up old posts. It will take some time but I'm excited. I can already feel that this move was the right one for me.

Yellow Tulips for Spring

Fresh flowers are a must here at Stylemindchic life. I know you feel the same.

Lindstrom Home on Stylemindchic

These tulips are capturing the mood I hope to set for the Stylemindchic Life. I hope you find it to be a refreshing, sunny escape, with a dose of real life, knowing that into every life some rain must fall.

My first Stylemindchic Header

I've been feeling a little nostalgic as I look back over my early posts and headers of my blog.

My Stylemindchic Blogspot Header

Above is a screen shot of my most recent header for Stylemindchic just before the move. January was the first time I purchased a template (on etsy), and though I liked the cleaner look I found it compacted the posts too much for my taste. Though I didn't have any significant skills in blog design when I started, I've realized I'm definitely a DIY type. I have never employed anyone to help with the blog but I realized, that if I wanted to make a big move, I needed to rely on the experts. On the recommendation of my wise blogger friend, Adrienne at The Rich Life on a Budget, I hired Boost Interactive Media to move Stylemindchic from Blogger to I'm liking the fresh, clean look and all the 'bells and whistles' has to offer. I've heard that SEO (search engine optimization) is easier and, most importantly, I want to own my own content as I continue to grow Stylemindchic Life. If you are thinking about making a move to, or other website, I highly recommend this dream team of Maura and Kelly. Maura, at Leapin Design, will create your new site and transfer content seamlessly as she did for Stylemindchic Life. Kelly is focusing primarily on development of new blogs and website designs at Boost Interactive Media. Both are knowledgeable, encouraging and patient with a novice like me.

Love a pink sunset dancing in the pool

Thank you for stopping by my new blog home today. In the coming weeks I'll be settling in, reconstructing my blog roll and learning the ropes. My previous blogspot site will redirect you to this new Stylemindchic Life site. You can also add my new URL above to your blogroll. If you experience any glitches with my site please do let me know.

Cheers to a new adventure!

Stylemindchic Life Logo

In typical Stylemindchic Life fashion-

celebrate everything today!


Heather Lindstrom Signature

P.S.-Now that the move is made I can focus on my upcoming trip with blogger friends to Napa Valley.


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Spring has sprung!

Welcome to the Weekend and Pops of Color!


Pops of Color

Winter has finally arrived here in Northern California with rain, snow and much colder temps. We need the rain to ease our near drought conditions so this is a welcomed relief. That said, I've seen the images of the incredible ice and snow in the Eastern part of the country and I feel for you. I spent two years in Michigan and remember those endless, frozen, snowy winters where even going out for milk was a major ordeal. I'm thinking what we need today is a pop of color to brighten things up.



These cheery yellow tulips are really brightening up my home office. I've even moved them from room to room so I can enjoy their particular brand of sunshine. When making all that effort to get the milk remember that picking up some bright flowers can help ease those winter blues.

I enjoyed joining the 'How I Wear My' fashion series with a pink theme this month. I have almost no pink in my wardrobe but was able to pull together this outfit at the last minute. See more stylish pink looks on Adrienne's The Rich Life on a Budget and Jill's Everything Just So and thanks for hosting, my friends. Mixing unusual colors together like this hot pink, radiant orchid and coral blend blouse I'm wearing can pop your outfit. Shop your closet this weekend and find some unusual combinations. How about lime and navy? Coral and charcoal?

I have been searching for the perfect animal print shoes to replace a pair that is worn out. I love the styling of the ones pictured above from Report that I ordered from Zappos. The toe box was a bit tight for me though I loved the stability of the heel. Returns are easy so I replaced them with the ones I'm wearing in the photo, from Paris Hilton. They have fun styling and lots of 'cush' so I'm a fan.

We have a trip coming up so Scott and I have decided it's date night in tonight. I have a bright lemony recipe that I'll be making called Rustic Lemon Chicken. It's been a favorite for years and I just found it online from Food Network. If you have chicken breasts, a couple of lemons and some onions you've got just about everything you need. Delicious.

I loved the pops of color in this NYC apartment from Vogue  APT with LSD: Brett Heyman's Upper East Side Apartment. They are a great contrast to a snowy outdoor NYC.

I'm going to reread this post on packing tips for a beachy vacation since we are in packing mode this weekend. Aside from staying warm and dry what are your plans for the weekend?


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Creating a Home for the Holidays and Merry Wishes

I must start by sharing my heartfelt thanks to you, my dear blog readers, for your kind and supportive comments during my recent adventure in the ER. Your genuine care is humbling and very touching.  It speaks to the quality of relationships we create throughout the world through blogging. I am not 100% yet but am definitely on the mend and just in time for some merrymaking. The holidays are in full swing and we are in finally in celebration mode around our house.

Are you feeling it too?

My 'Father Christmas' husband Scott has created a veritable winter wonderland of lights to welcome family and friends.

As a reader of my blog I consider you a treasured friend.......

Let's make some merry!

Flowers, candles, sparkly decorations and a fragrant Christmas tree are my holiday favorites to

set the mood for merry making.

Peace, Joy, Wish and Hope....

my holiday wishes.

Our chandelier from our first trip to Paris gets a holiday sparkle.

'Father Christmas' Scott proudly displays his snow globe collection in a cozy nook.

A reading of "The Polar Express" is an age old tradition in our house.

I added this chic little silvery tree to bring a little merry to our bedroom this year.

Family and friends always bring the merry to the holidays for me. We are doing lots of entertaining this season and trying to keep it simple enough to really enjoy it.

"Can I get you a little splash of something?" ;)

Thankfully I survived my stint in the ER last Thursday to host a cozy gathering at the house for my friends on Friday evening.

A splash of bubbly always help get the festivities rolling. You know you are feeling comfy when you are lounging around on the floor.

We had an impromptu 'dessert bar' for family who came into town last weekend. A dessert bar is such an easy way to entertain last minute.

This is just a glimpse of our holidays and I loved having you join me.

I am thankful for you, my dear readers this year, for your kindness, joining the conversation

and the friendship that has grown.

Wishing you and yours a sparkling holiday.

Merry! Merry!


A little sparkle for you or someone you love at my Stylemindchic Boutique!

Capturing Memories

Union Square November 2012 One of my favorite Christmas trees lives part time at Union Square in San Francisco. I remember this magnificent conifer as a highlight of city visits with my family when I was a child. My husband and I had one of our first dates, during the Christmas season of 1998, in San Francisco with dinner and dancing at the Starlight Room high atop the iconic Sir Francis Drake Hotel. This happy photo below was snapped in front of the glowing Christmas tree at Union Square.

We were feeling 'very merry' that evening.

JoyJoy (do you see the tree? If I add more words this looks like a tree skirt...)

 Date Night in San Francisco December 1998 with Scott

November 2012 at the Christmas Tree

Our tree this year with the sunset backdrop At the Christmas Tree lot (aka Lowes) this tree was originally an $80 (10 ft. tree)but the manager insisted it was the 'Charlie Brown' tree and wanted to charge only $29.00. "Okay-we always root for the underdog". Why not?

That deal allowed us to stock up on things like this shimmery little number (you know me).

I usually stick with cream poinsettias but this one called my name this year.

I found this photo from our first Christmas as a family in 2000.Scott's girls were only 13, 15 and 17. Look how far we've come since those early days as a new step-family here.I took a photo of this print with my iPhone so I'm sorry it's not very clear. I have boxes of wonderful print photos (pre-digital camera) and they never see the light of day.Have you found an easy way to convert prints in the box to photos on the computer?Scanning takes forever. I would love any tips you have on that!

Christmas 2011

Holiday photos are often taken with a Christmas tree in the background which makes them so festive. I'm making a mental note to get a few of us with the all three girls in front of the tree this year. Without a little thought on photos the holiday can just speed by in a flurry without capturing the moment on camera.

It's always a treat to link with the 'How I wear My' series with

Adrienne of the Rich Life (on a budget) and Jill of Everything Just So
is the theme this month.  

I pulled out some crimson lipstick, threw a moto jacket over my silky blouse (from Target) during my 

recent getaway to Healdsburg for Scott's birthday for this look. I haven't worn red in years but 

this season it's really captured my attention and I have purchased several pieces. 

Thanks for hosting Adrienne and Jill!   Thanks for stopping by-I know it's a busy, busy season.
Stay warm!
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