My Mother's Wedding and a Love Story

My Mother's Wedding...

The wedding day had finally arrived.

Mom and Hal, ageless, are getting married!

Each element of beauty has been carefully selected for the special day.

Mom, Heidi (my sister) and Me

Laughter and luck and love........


Jeri's proud grandsons walked the lovely bride down the aisle.

Hal was escorted down the aisle by two of his lovely daughter-in-laws.


Happy daughters and sons of the bride and groom led the procession.


First glimpse.....a private moment before the ceremony.


Heartfelt and very personal vows from them both.

"I felt safe and at home when you first hugged me",

said Jeri.

 A lingering kiss (maybe 2)

The reception hall was decked with gorgeous flower arrangements, including cascading crystals and orchids from the chandeliers. The delicious dinner was beautifully served and the warm, witty entertainment kept the wedding goers smiling all evening.

Hal and Jeri, pure happiness.

Our time was spent connecting with beloved family and meeting new family for the first time. Hal has 3 sons, 3 daughters-in-laws and 5 grandsons. They are a fun-loving, smart, and musical, just like their grandpa and I enjoyed every minute of it. This memorable weekend was filled with music, laughter, fun and love. Just like that, a new step-family branch is added to our family tree.

 On the fashion front, my floaty LBD, DVF shoes and bag, held up well for mom's special day

(It's always fun to shop your closet and discover the perfect item).

I am beyond thrilled that my mom and Hal are starting their life together.

As a daughter, to see this kind of love and happiness bloom

from just a series of little things here,

gives me hope.

Hope in life, hope in love, hope in the big picture, just as it has for Jeri and Hal.

If things aren't going your way right now, have hope,

you never know how much life can change just around the next corner.

Luckily for Hal and Jeri this love was just meant to be. 

Don't you just love a good love story?


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