A Stylish Day with Upgraded Living Magazine



In December I had the pleasure of working with Upgraded Living Magazine on the annual makeover edition. It was a busy day filled with make-up, hair color, fashion styling, spa treatments and sharing of life stories. As with us all, the stories included hardship, hard knocks, heartbreak and triumphs. The salons and boutiques who offered their expertise give generously to the community of Chico. The givers felt just as honored as the receivers on this special day. We were so busy I only had time to snap a few action shots on my iPhone.


It's always inspiring to see how significantly a little change can impact an attitude, a stance and self confidence. The shining faces say it all.

For more on these makeover 'winners' and their makeover details:



Thank you to Upgraded Living Magazine and Briana for inviting me to collaborate on this inspiring series with you for the second time. It's exciting to see the new advertisement for Stylemindchic Lifestyle Blog and Boutique in print in Upgraded Living Magazine. Thank you Hannah and Briana!

For more fashion fun I linked with the 'How I Wore My' series this month with Adrienne from The Rich Life (on a budget) and Jill from Everything Just So. I choose to profile my classic camel trench coat by Calvin Klein. This piece is a staple in my wardrobe and pairs equally well with neutrals or brights. It's so much fun to see how women around the world style their coats this month. Thank you Adrienne and Jill!

Find more trench coat options at Shopstyle:


Have you ever had a makeover?

How easy would it be to turn your whole look over to a stylist? I'm not sure I'm as brave as these ladies-but maybe I should be.

Happy Weekend and stay warm!