Animal Print, Feeling Fierce and a Little Surgery


Each month I have the pleasure of joining the 'How I Wear My' fashion series with Adrienne and Jill. The theme this month is animal print. I've had this spotted skirt for years and it's a 'go to' piece for me. This season I'm pairing it with a silky blouse, short sleeved sweater, See by Chloe clutch (from Paris) and new Nine West booties.  It's fun to see how women around the world interpret this style. Take a peek at Adrienne at The Rich Life (on a budget) here and Jill at Everything Just So here to see how other bloggers are wearing it. Thank you ladies!

While neon may come and go a touch of animal print is always in style in my book. Somehow wearing animal print makes me feel a little...fierce? Empowered might be a better way to say it. Perhaps I'm feeling confident so I reach for this pattern. Chicken or the egg? Leopard print or empowerment? #whateverworks


This post comes a little earlier in the week than usual for me. Today I'm having dental surgery. I'm not feeling quite so 'fierce' about this one. My father was a dentist and I worked in his office each summer for many years, so I'm comfortable at the dentist's office.  I'm fortunate that my teeth have always been strong and healthy. I was shocked when my darling Dr. Nelsen said I needed to visit the endodontist and may need a bone graft.  What?? With his hands in my mouth I couldn't speak but was silently screaming,

"Who's bone?"

Mine? An extra rib or something?


I was relieved to hear there was nothing I could have done to prevent this bone loss. My new endodontist Dr. B. (also darling with a chic office she designed herself) told me that typically if wisdom teeth are not removed by age 25, and become impacted,  it can lead to bone loss over time. The graft is to the very back side of the remaining tooth.  My upper wisdom teeth were removed when I was 39 and were impacted.

Classic case.  



There are options as to the type of bone for the graft:

I could choose my own bone (often taken from the roof of the mouth-painful), an artificial bone (results are not as good) or a cadaver bone (which yields the best results). It took awhile to get my mind around it but Dr. B. explained the graft is about the size of a grain of sand. I'm being fierce and going with option C-the cadaver bone. Dr. B. also strongly recommended the anesthesia (it can take hours with your mouth propped  open very wide). I considered toughing it out and staying awake for the two or so hours. The price tag for the anesthesia, $345.00, could be spent on a pretty fabulous pair of shoes (I budget in terms of shoes) but I've decided to go the comfort route and just wake up at the end.

It's a little weird to think that dental surgery will clear my calendar for the next few days while the graft heals and I'm a little excited about it. I look forward to catching up on your beautiful blogs, doing some holiday planning for my Styleminchic boutique and fixing an annoying 'flash player' error on my computer, transitioning my closet for fall and puttering around the house a bit in yoga pants.


 I will  most definitely wear my animal print today on the way to surgery....


but I think I will opt for my comfy flats.

Are you feeling fierce today?

I would love to hear....


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