Bikini you dare?


Are you still rocking it???? 

Oh, of course you are.......


I mean rocking the bikini?





In an effort to be authentic and keep it real........

Heather Orr Lindstrom Bikini Beach St. Martin

My last bikini shot,  on the beach on St. Martin. 

This is it, I'm throwing in the proverbial towel.

It's also my last 'bikini pool' shot, 'bikini lounge chair' photo.......

I think.


I have to thank my husband for taking this one from 'above' looking down.  If he had taken this photo from the water's edge looking up, there may have been only one of us coming home

from the trip. ;) #beachedwhale


Isn't it amazing how the same camera, from moment to moment,  can go so right, so wrong?

It's all about the angle (and yes, we've heard that for years).


For those of you still rocking the bikini, more power to you. 

If you got it flaunt it!

Now that I'm on the verge of 52, I'm actually okay with this right of passage, at least for now.

I'm loving the sophistication and ease of a one piece maillot.

 I'm good with it........

 and frankly that statement is a metaphor for life  and about much more than just wearing a bikini.

I'm good with, aging, changing.... because I am still living. We are living!

The San Juan Beach Waterclub, Puerto Rico 

(fantastic rooftop lounge and pool here).

My favorite style is a halter maillot 

that is flattering and chic.  I love being able to 

throw on a sarong or flowing skirt, a few bangles and lip gloss, to be ready for 

poolside cocktails or even a casual dinner by the beach.

There are so many stylish swimsuits this year.  I'm loving some of the retro styles in both one and two piece versions. 

And this from a woman who rocked it her whole life........Marilyn Monroe.

Her one piece is right in style.


Yes to the bikini in my 40's, no to the bikini in my 50's. 

Are there any 'style's you have let go of recently?




Here's to rocking our individual style this summer!



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