Our Breasts (The Well-Rounded Truth?)



Our breasts.... nourishing, comforting and enticing.

I recently went to the appointment for my annual mammogram. As I sat in my dressing cubicle, following my 'squeeze' of an exam, I heard my technician leave the examination room for a consultation (I did a little deep breathing to keep myself calm here). What was she checking on? Did they see something abnormal? I listened intently for any clues.

Is this it?

For years I have worried about breast cancer.  I found a small lump when I was about 13 and feared it was 'the big C'.  My mom called her doctor and he said it was normal and would likely go away, hormonal changes and all. But the lump persisted and I didn't want to tell my parents for fear they would worry and be stressed. I didn't want to upset the family (therein lies the faulty logic of a 13-year-old).

For one full year I thought I was a goner. I really did. It was a tough year. When I finally couldn't stand it anymore, I disclosed the awful truth to my mom, that I still had the lump and it had spread, to both breasts. She said, "let me have a look" and after feeling around a bit she said the most relieving words I'd ever heard, "Oh, honey, that's just normal breast tissue". It was a new lease on life let me tell you!!

As I waited for the all clear at my appointment earlier this month,  I heard raised voices, shouting, and then a stern, calm voice. "Get in there, sit down and take off your bra!".  I recognized the scene pretty quickly. An adult woman, with cognitive delays, was being taken to her annual mammogram by her care provider. In my profession as a School Psychologist, I work with a program for adult students with some very similar issues. How do you explain to a young woman with limited cognition, that she is going to have to get partially nude while her breasts are squeezed down to flat pancakes by a complete stranger?


Thankfully, I received the all clear at my recent appointment and was sent on my way into a gorgeous fall morning. I was grateful for the wisdom to understand why this bit of discomfort is essential for me each year. Both my adoptive mom and my birth mom have been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.  My aunt (biological) is currently undergoing months of treatment for her second round of uterine cancer. My cousin's wife, has beaten 3 rounds of breast cancer, has lovely new 'boobies' and is "done". She is 'so done' she said may never wear pink again.

At a committee meeting recently I looked at down at the agenda and realized that my colleague, who had also served on the committee, was listed as a committee member this year. I choked up a bit.....remembering that she died on her birthday last May, following her second courageous battle with breast cancer.  Anysia was a spitfire of a woman. She had boundless energy and spark, as well as a wicked sense of humor.  She was younger than me and a loving mother to two children. Such a loss.... and far too young.

Anysia Drumheller May 2nd, 1971-May 2nd, 2013

From Upgraded Living Magazine, a piece on Anysia written by her close friend, Cyndie, on page 60.


Much has been written on the topic recently with October being 'Breast Cancer Awareness' month. 

I read this post written by a blogger friend, Vannessa at Luxuria here, and it's been on my mind ever since. 

I am not a politically oriented person-at all-but health and truth are values for me. 

This movie, from Vannessa's post, is more than thought-provoking.

The Beautiful Truth here.  


I was sobered to hear the first part of the film-about mercury amalgams used for filling teeth. 

My dad, a dentist, passed away following a brief but brutal battle with aggressive cancer nearly 5 years ago. I am reminded of the many summers, working as his assistant in the dental office, while we processed mercury amalgam fillings together. We were both exposed-significantly. As a non-drinking, non-smoking, vegetarian, and supplement king, we expected my dad to live much longer than age 75.  

His worst vice was the occasional jelly bean. 


Something went horribly wrong......


My sweet dad.

Watching this documentary, and a couple others about the 'money making machine' of breast cancer awareness, makes me wonder about a number of things. With millions of dollars poured into the research why are there so few real answers-besides drugs?

What about the products we slather on our skin, the fragrances and cosmetics?

Have you ever checked your favorite products on the Environmental Working Group website?


Fascinating info.

Obviously we are on the right track with fresh, organic veggies and fruits.

What about a coffee enema? I like my coffee with cream-but have never tried it that way.

Are you like me-has your life been touched, or robbed, by cancer?

How do you deal with the fear?

What are you doing to be proactive and stay healthy?

Hugs today,

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