Bronze Bombshell Beauty!


Hello Bronze Bombshell Beauty!

Did you ever bake?

Kate Moss for San Tropez via

Were you one of us with the baby oil and the foil sizzling to a dark bronze in the sun?

Back then there seemed to be no downside.

#bronze goddess


Hello midlife, sunspots, wrinkles and all types of sun damage.

I must confess, having a tan feels good to me.........

A bronzey glow looks healthier, eyes and teeth look brighter and

we look as though we just returned from a tropical vacation.

#tan fat looks better!

I'm never happier than splashing around in the pool or at the beach but

 my 50 something skin tells tales these days.


There is science behind why the sun makes us feel good.



It's no secret that I adore bronze, golds and shimmer in the summer.


Add in a splash of beachy waves and we've got it made in my book.

On my recent trip to the Dominican Republic I took a couple of old favorites to create

the bronzey look:

Naked 2 from Urban Decay

Nars Duo in Orgasm/Laguna


Stila - Color Balm Lipstick (Olivia) - Beauty

And my new favorite for creating bronzey, more even skin tone on my body

(hiding a few of those age spot problems) from Stila


The best leg shine from Michael Kors (one of my favorite scents!)


Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Sugar Daddy Mirrored Chrome


Did you bake like me back in the day?

Have you discovered any new summer favorites for skin?

We would love to hear your tips.


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