Can I quit my job and start a blog? (hot photos)


*Blog Tip #1-Catchy, creative blog titles (a little sex appeal rarely hurts) (I just added 'blogging tips' and 'hot photos' to my title -let's see if I get a bump in hits from my original title of  "Can I quit my job and start a blog?") There is a TV commercial in play right now (sorry to admit I don't know the brand it's advertising)..... but it makes me laugh. The woman in the mom role says "NO!" to all kinds of questions....."Mom, can I keep this (yucky creature in a box)?, from her son. "Are you two making out in there-gross?" from her daughter as the parents emerge disheveled from the minivan......  including this one from her husband "Honey, can I quit my job and start a blog?". Her answer to that question, and all questions, is a resounding "NO!"

Honestly, who would quit their job and start a blog? (maybe you?)

*Blog Tip #2-Interesting/inspiring/relevant topics engage the reader

We were with family recently and my 13 year old nephew quoted that same commercial to me. "Honey, can I quit my job and start a blog?". We all laughed (Jared is very funny and his timing is perfection).

I asked him if he had even seen my blog, "Maybe once...", he said. I'm a little surprised, because sometimes I post...super beautiful photos of  ultra feminine women (I can write that because he will never see this ......or maybe he will? ;).


On another note, I recently clicked on the film "Julie and Julia" on TV. I have a penchant for Paris, patisseries and Julia Child, so I tuned in. I had enjoyed this light-hearted movie when it originally debuted, but I didn't focus on the blogging aspect of it at all.  I did recall that both Meryl Streep and Amy Adams were fantastic and the food "butter" and all made me drool. This viewing, I sat up straight as I watched Julie sit down at thatVaio computer (I have it in white), and start her blog. I was intrigued. This is the only movie I've seen that has a focus on blogging and it was delightful.

There was a moment,when blogger Julie was melting down, and I must admit, I could relate.......... See clip below

*Blogger Tip #3- Don't take it too seriouslyMy blogging meltdown (s) have generally been about the tech stuff, specifically around lost content. Can you relate? When I started blogging, late last January, I was spending every spare moment working on an old,

cranky computer in a dark computer armoire "closet".  I pitched a fit or 2 (similar to Julie above), when I lost my whole template or a post froze up before I could save it. It's tough to lose countless hours of work, but I was a bit over the top....My husband commented,  more than once, that maybe this project was "too much" for me. 


*Blogger Tip #4-Create a work space that inspires you

Eventually my husband and I both agreed that a decent computer was a must for blogging, and my new Sony Vaio has been a lifesaver. I also sold the big, old computer armoire and purchased a white parsons desk. I set it up an office in our back with fresh air and a lovely view. Upon reaching certain milestones with Stylemindchic, 100 posts, 10,000 hits, etc.,  I have rewarded myself with a little something to create my office space. It may even be a lovely candle or business card holder or flowers for my desk. At 16,000 hits

I purchased shelving to complete the look in my space.

A work environment that speaks to you will also inspire you.

(Exhibit A-below-random George Clooney sighting on my blog)


Blogger tip#5-Do it for yourself....the rest will come

I am a School Psychologist by profession. If you really knew what I was doing in my day job you might be surprised that I am even dabbling in the world of style, fashion, design,beauty and blogging.....truth is, this is exactly WHY I do it. I was feeling like I needed a creative balance to the darker, more stressful, painful side of life that is sometimes the focus of my career. Don't get me wrong, with our teams and our students we share some very inspiring moments. It's meaningful work....and I wouldn't give it up. I just desperately needed some balance, so I created

the Stylemindchic Blog and the Stylemindchic Boutique.

Like most bloggers, I can relate to the "Is anyone out there feeling?", expressed by blogger Julie in the movie.  Having had over 16,200 international hits since January, on my Stylemindchic Blog tells me someone out there is reading....but I'm not really sure who sometimes......(I've even wondered if maybe blogger generates those numbers to keep us inspired-just kidding blogger!).

I've also had the thought, I wonder 'why' anyone would want to read what I have to say? Then I realize, it doesn't really matter. Either your best friends, your mother, your sisters, your co-workers,

other bloggers, read your blog or they don't. Does it really matter?   

Do it for yourself and don't worry about the will happen.

(Disclosure~The only person who is forced to read Stylemindchic is my husband, but

he lives with me and gets perks for that-thanks honey!).

Scott, my husband


*Blogger Tip #6-Stick to it.

Blogging is fun and can be a huge challenge. Many, many bloggers give up after a short time. Just the technical part alone can be daunting and extremely frustrating. I am not tech-y and I don't intend to ever learn to code with HTML. By necessity I've learned the fine art of embedding code, and to my surprise, it often works well in Blogger. Rather than pay someone to create a logo and a banner (or is it called a header?) for my blog I worked at it until I figured it out myself.  Having 2 devices (I use my Vaio and my iPad) to refresh changes and see the updates on my blog, in real time, has been a time saver.  I take great satisfaction in sticking with it and figuring out how to solve a problem (I think I'm just really stubborn). Some of the most well-known blogs started out with 0 comments, for weeks or even months. I've looked at the debut posts of some well-known blogs and it's interesting to see the growth. If you love what you are doing- stick to it!

Blogger Tip #7-Be generous with other bloggers

(comment on their posts, join their sites, and share their links)

Before I started writing a blog I didn't realize how encouraging 'comments' from readers can be to a blogger. If I'd known, I would have commented more frequently on the blogs I was following such as

The Simply, Luxurious, Life, Cupcakes and Cashmere, The Wildfleur, and This is Glamorous.

I am ever so grateful for the readers who comment to me.

I've only met one full-time blogger in person, the delightful Corey Amaro from Tongue in Cheek. She's was raised locally but now lives in France. I've met a number of really fabulous bloggers online and found many to be encouraging and inspiring. I will be sharing more stylish links in the near future.

These are a few of my favorites~check out their stylish blogs:    Shelly from Lush                   Doreen from Stylemaniac                    Chelsea from A Bit of Sass                                                                          


I do know one other blogger, my dear friend and colleague, Scott Bailey, a Special Education teacher for Butte County Office of Education. I've had the privilege of working alongside this inspiring guy, in both our program for students with Emotional Disabilities and the Court School/Alternative Ed. settings, for the last 11 years. Scott started a blog connecting our Juvenile Hall students in Butte County with students in Fresno County Juvenile Hall.

For a reality check and inspiration with a totally different vibe check out their writing and art:

Scott Bailey from Write Your Truth

To my Blogger friends-what is your motivation for blogging?

What keeps you going?

What is your best tip to fellow bloggers?

What is your best advice to connect with other bloggers?

Any readers thinking of blogging? Would love to hear from you.

Welcome to the weekend!


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