Celebrating New Chapters and a Feature on 'Dreams on 34th Street'!


Celebrating New Chapters!

I'm a big believer in celebrating the milestone events in life. It's not about how much money is spent or expensive gifts, it's about marking that moment in time. Just taking a few moments to acknowledge the efforts and the accomplishment. Last weekend things finally calmed down around here. Scott and I took a few moments on Saturday to enjoy the calm, a warm evening poolside, a grilled steak and a bottle of champagne. I don't always dress up for a poolside soiree for two, but I was in the mood for a pretty dress and fun faux pearls. The flip flops keep it from being all too precious for a Saturday evening at home. Can you believe this was the first day of October?




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"It's not a party until a champagne cork is floating in the pool!"


We had the makings for a celebratory evening at home that cost almost nothing. Scott toasted the launch of my new travel business and my first official travel clients: booking an Eastern Caribbean cruise!

And the next day all "hail" broke loose in Chico.

Speaking of celebrating, I had a wonderful surprise in my inbox yesterday. My blog friend, Lynne of Dreams on 34th Street, featured StyleMindChic Life, my boutique and new curated travel business on her blog. I am so honored to be part of her newly launched, "Share the Muse" series in the post "Share the Muse! Style.Mind.Chic Lifestyle". I've been inspired by Lynne, and her beautiful blog with a french twist, for many years. Be sure to add her to your must read blog list!





Finally, there is one more day of the giveaway and you can enter on this post,

Introducing Curated Travel - Great Escape Travel Agency + a Giveaway!



Curated Collections at Style*Mind*Chic Boutique

PS-Gift Cards are BACK!!!