Color Story: Bold Mixed Metals



Mixed Metals 

I'm always attracted to the look of mixed metals. There is something so earthy, yet sophisticated, about the palette, whether it's gold/silver, coppers/bronzes, or any mix of elements in between.  This bar scape is  a photograph taken from Jenna Lyons home. I love the contrast of the charcoal walls with burnished gold accents.


This mod room is from designer Nate Berkus of Oprah fame. He uses some cool mixed metal tones for tons of shine.


More gold tone paired with rich charcoal shades.

In my own home I enjoy playing with different tableaus on my dressing table-

this one mixed metals

Oh hello George Clooney!

He popped up as a 'like' on my Pinterest board so I thought it would be nice to share a random George Clooney sighting. George is almost exactly my age and I like that about him. Interestingly, I didn't get the hype on his ER days but now that he has a little "mixed metals" going on in his hair (as do I) I find him much more intriguing..............

Or maybe it has something to do with his Lake Como lake house in Italy.