Creating a Sparkling New Year's Eve

As I write this we are road tripping from Chico to Southern California to ring in the New Year. We will be spending a few days in Los Angeles/Santa Monica for a Stylemindchic feature and then on to Newport Beach to celebrate a very special birthday on New Year's Eve. The theme for the party is 'black and bling' so we will deck ourselves out as requested.

(Packing a few baubles and bling for the party and I would love to wear my faux fur jacket but

with nearly 80 degree in temps in Southern California I may not need it)

(Scott surprised me at Christmas with this sparkly and unique cocktail ring locally made in Chico.

This will be a must wear for the party-thanks for the surprise love)

Do you like to celebrate on New Year's Eve? I do.

What's not to like about unabashedly wearing a little sparkle, maybe a stiletto, popping something bubbly and celebrating a fresh new year with kisses at midnight? If you like to sleep through the whole thing that's okay too. I've done that a time or two.  If you are a 'celebrate everything' kind of person here is my go to list for a creating a sparkling New Year's Eve.

*Sparkle-chandelier earrings, shimmery wrap, a blingy cocktail ring and/or sparkling shoes are some of my favorite ways of dressing for the holiday. *A dessert bar or gourmet cheeses/dessert bar is festive and easy. I've seen some  hot chocolate bars around pinterest-a scrumptious idea. *Something bubbly to pop at midnight. I use a silvery pen to write names or initials on the glasses. It adds a pretty sparkle and is practical too. *Light some white candles to get your sparkle shining. *Add a screen to watch the ball drop from Times Square NYC at the midnight hour. *A play list of cool tunes that can encourage some impromptu dancing. We have an iPod loaded with our favorite party play lists and I also use spotify radio to set any kind of mood you are looking for. *Invite in some friends (or better yet neighbors) to the festivities. *Or make it a party for two.......Dress up, put on your favorite playlist and pop a little bubbly. Midnight kisses can be a perfect way to start your new year.


Hot Tip: If you are on the West Coast you can watch the ball drop at 9pm from NYC and still make it an early night. If you are a parent you can celebrate the early ball drop with the kids then put them to bed for an adult celebration later.

What are your plans for New Year's Eve?

Are you polishing up a New Year resolution lists like I am?

Now matter how you choose to celebrate I wish you a sparkling 2014.

Looking forward to more connecting with you in the New Year my friends!



PS-10 hours later we finally arrived!

I love LA!

*I used the BlogPress app on my iPad with keyboard to write this post while Scott was driving and it was a breeze. More sparkles at my Stylemindchic Boutique!