Creating a Stylish Bar Cart at Home

  Colorful Bar Cart

Stylish bar carts, trays and set ups have caught my eye and I enjoy creating a stylish bar at home. With the end of school year celebrations, graduations, retirements and Father's Day, there have been parties galore, and we've all been busy entertaining.

Stylish bar cart oval

I've pulled a few favorites from pinterest for my inspiration and have experimented at home with a few of my must have items for setting up a drink bar.

Stylish Bar Cart

My tips for creating a stylish bar at home:

*Layer bottles, glassware, napkins, ice, and sliced citrus in a way that makes sense for easy self-service and to keep guests flowing smoothly.

*Use unique stemware or stemless glassware. I often use a vintage set of turquoise oval stemless, a gift from my Aunt Yvonne.

*Play with fun or colorful cocktail napkins. I use cocktail napkin trays from my Stylemindchic Boutique and fill them with colorful napkins. This way they stay neat and don't get liquid splashed on them as easily. If they have a quirky or funny saying all the better in my book.


Pastel bar cart

*Chill a pretty ice bucket with tongs to use for icing your drink of choice. I also set wine, mixers, soda water, and sparkling water bottles in an ice bucket for easy access (the ice to keep bottles cold and the ice for drinks are kept separately-for obvious reasons)

*Slice fresh citrus-lemons and limes- for squeezing into your favorite beverages.

*Arrange fresh citrus in a bowl for a fresh color pop.

Bar Tray at Stylemindchic Life

*Pick fresh blooms. Colorful nosegays add the perfect touch and don't take up too much space. I like bold color pops or a simple palette of monochromatics in my flowers. This is the bar table I've set up in our dining room. I change it out to suit my mood and leave it set up for spontaneous merrymaking.

Bar table at stylemindchicVintage bar with flowers

*Find vintage decanters, glassware and trays add a unique touch to your bar area like these I've collected over the years on the vintage bar in our den. The tray and decanter were finds on Scott and my first trip to Italy together.

Pretty bar cart with veuve

*Label glasses with stylish wine charms or letters. I often use a gold or silver metallic sharpie to write the names on the glasses.

This year I discovered wine glass writers and they are an easy option. I threw an end of the year part for my Special Education team, earlier this month, and wrote a congratulatory message on a glass for our newest team member. I then had requests to write a special message for several of our party goers. This added an extra personal touch to the merrymaking.

Bar cart with pink blooms

*Create a bar set-up for refreshing non-alcoholic beverages if cocktails aren't your thing.

Bar carts, trays and tables give a festive focal point to the space.

Classic Bar Cart

Classic styling

white bar cart

*Take it outside! Bar carts work perfectly for outdoor entertaining

and the wheels make them easy to move from place to place as needed.


Bar table set at Tamera Beardsley's home

From my Instagram

Tamera Beardsley's beautiful patio bar set up for our brunch together last fall was swoon-worthy.

Tamera and Jeff are the consummate hosts and we enjoyed every moment of our 'sparkling afternoon' together.

Limoncello and prosecco cocktail

Maybe it was my previous post on Portofino but I've had a craving for limoncello. Scott brought some home yesterday and it's now chilling in the freezer. It looks like this basil prosecco limoncello  cocktail could be in our future for this weekend. I'm thinking it may be a signature summer time sip.

This is a fun piece by one of my favorite tastemakers, Kelly Wearstler, on setting up a stylish home bar in Elle Decor.

Stylemindchic Life Logo Heather Lindstrom

Do you have any tips for setting up a stylish drink bar at home?

What's your signature summer sip?



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Bar accents from stylemindchic life boutique

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