Designer Crush: Kelly Wearstler


"Living without color is like living without love." Kelly Wearstler

I am a long time fan of designer Kelly Wearstler. Her bold, bright, and graphic designs shout 'wow' and have elevated Kelly Wearstler to a design stand out in her field. Her use of light, shadow and depth is brilliant. Every space has a touch of whimsy to ease the formality of historical and classic furnishings. Unexpected elements created balance and interest.  Rather than asking "Why?" Kelly Wearstler design seems to ask "Why not?". These images are inspiring me to add some bold color to my living spaces at home.


On our recent trip to Santa Monica we visited the Viceroy Hotel with interior designs by Kelly Wearstler here. I loved seeing her bold, whimsical, iconic designs in person. This bold pop of yellow emboldens the library at the Viceroy Santa Monica.

kelly-wearstler-Viceroy-green mirrors-stylemindchiclife

A wall of mirrors embellished with charcoal and lime. 

You may remember this collage I put together from photos on the patio.

Fab Bath at the Viceroy

Even the bathroom at the Viceroy is a bold play of color and pattern.

I've picked up a few tips from studying Kelly Wearstler designs.


Unusual color combinations add visual interest.



House Beautiful

A touch of whimsy eases the formality of classic furnishings

like these 'very supportive' hand chairs.

Textural elements are strong in neutral palettes.

The shadow play of large, architectural objects becomes essential to the scheme.

Kelly Wearstler peach

Unexpected elements create a sense of curiosity.

A touch of gold and shine adds warmth to the space. Global chic and an eclectic mix of materials is a signature of Kelly Wearstler style.


This is a fun peek into Cameron Diaz's glamorous townhouse in Manhattan designed by Kelly Wearstler and photographed for Elle Decor here.

"Inside a room I want to be moved-I want to feel the drama"    Kelly Wearstler

(P.S. When I tweeted this post-Kelly Wearstler favorited my link and wrote, 'Thanks for the love'! ;)