Style Guide: Doreen Creede [Style Maniac + Brand Ambassador]


Style Guide: Doreen Creede of Style Maniac


Favorite Style Icons?

The women in my family.  My grandmothers, who could not have been more different.  Jean was glamorous, well-read and the life of any party; Lydia was hard-working, would do anything for her family and was an incredible “seamstress” (her description; I’d say couture clothing designer).  My mom, who is always put together, whether gardening, golfing or getting ready for an operation.  Seriously, she is about to have a hip replacement and will make sure she has her nails and hair done before surgery.




Image Kevin Creede

In their own ways, each of these women taught me that style is about much more than looks.  It is about how you express – and respect -- yourself.



Doreen with her mom, Lorraine (image John Naughton).


Favorite Brands?

Labels are not important to me – I buy purely what I love.  I tend toward simple silhouettes, mostly black, and then add drama with bold and colorful accessories, which are often vintage, picked up in my travels or made by designer friends.


Two of those friends are the duo behind REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry, for which I am a Brand Ambassador.  I love both the affordable glamor of the collection and my friends’ commitment to supporting other women in achieving their dreams.  Or as they say: “Reign Thoughtfully.”



Image Alb4 Phliadelphia

Favorite Beauty products?

My cosmetic collection is pretty small – an edited selection of products that really work.  Everyday faves:  MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation (it has a plush texture and leaves a nice subtle glow), Jill Kirsh’s eye shadow palette (makes eyes pop!) and Revlon Colorstay Mineral Glaze Lipgloss (a long-wearing lush gloss that actually stays on without drying out lips).


That Mineral Glaze is getting hard to find, so I’m starting a quest (and blog series) on the search for the perfect lipstick.  Suggestions, anyone??


Image Alb4 Philadelphia


Ligne St. Barth Vanille West Indies.  I would describe it as smelling like luscious vanilla, but a lot of people say it smells like sugar cookies or brownies.  Not a bad thing.



Image Alb4 Philadelphia


Self-care/ Wellness tips?

Drink lots of water.


What 3 things do you value most in your life?

The people in it.  Creativity.  Curiosity.



Image Alb4 Philadelphia


If you could play any fashionable or popular personality for the day who would it be? Why?

Honestly, right now … no one.  But I would like a few of their TV and book deals!


What would be your must-have item of choice on a desert island?

My husband!



Doreen with her husband, Kevin.


And a suitcase filled with books, blank notebooks, a pen that would never run dry, sunscreen, a big hat, bug spray.  Can I bring a computer and power source too?  Pasta and the means to cook it? Wine and water?   As you can tell, castaway camping is really not my thing ….



What advice would you give your 21-year-old self?

“Wear the hat.”

Although I’m comfortable with my own sense of style, I have had moments when I thought, “Hmmm, if I wear this, what will people think?”  Now I know:  people will think it’s fabulous.  And if they don’t, then why care about their opinion anyway?



 Image: Floyd Dean for Society Magazine


What is your favorite thing about being your current age?

My mom taught me a great lesson:  love every decade of your life because it brings something new and wonderful.  Of course, life has its challenges.  But I wouldn’t want to go back in time.  I’m more interested in looking forward at what’s next, what’s new, what else I could do.


What is your secret for staying ageless?

Stay curious.  Be open to learning new things and meeting new people. Keep your sense of humor.  Never think you’re too old to take a risk, whether in fashion or work.  Go ahead:  wear the crazy cocktail ring, cry at the sappy commercial, kick off your shoes and dance around the kitchen.



Image Kevin Creede

What is your dream destination?

I’ve long been searching for the perfect beach town –clear aqua water, white sugar sand, no high rises or fast food restaurants, a charming downtown with unique boutiques and bistros with great food, sunshine, mild weather … and affordable housing.  Yeah, that last one’s the kicker.  I’ve told many a friend my plan and they all say: “When you find this paradise, let us know and we’ll join you!”




What is your hottest style tip?

Be yourself.



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Doreen was one of the first bloggers I connected with, shortly after starting my blog. Her style, warmth, love of family and fun is an inspiration. Love the advice from Doreen's mom to enjoy each decade and from Doreen, to just be yourself.

Thank you for sharing your stylish tips with us, Doreen.

Let us know when you find that perfect beach front locale!



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