Dressing for a Special Occasion...Daughter of the Bride

Dressing for a special occasion

A wedding is on the horizon......

In a twist of luck, and a twist of life, and my mother is betrothedhere and we are planning for a wedding day.

My dress had been already purchased (with a lucky foreshadowing of some special event to come) on a sale too good to pass up.I had almost forgotten this dress, but caught a glimpse in the closet as I started thinking of wedding attire. I tried it on and my husband said, "That's the one. It's a little like Audrey Hepburn". Though I'm probably more of a Marilyn type, I'll take that compliment.

I love that it was already in the closet...patiently waiting for this special wedding day.

My husband tells me it looks much better on me than on the hanger.

The necklace lays down almost like a crystal collar.

With sheer layers.....it absolutely floats.

For an evening wedding, and 'black tie' affair, a black dress is very acceptable for a wedding (I also checked with the bride-to-be). I shopped my closet for the dress so I decided that my budget could afford some memorable  accessories.

The necklace from my sister, Heidi and a bracelet from my husband, both J.Crew are treasured gifts from years ago.

After much thought, and a couple of returns, the shoes

and clutch have been chosen. DVF! (on sale) here

The LBD will require a little gold and silver shine, mixed metals, one of my favorite looks.

(I can only hope that Diane Von Furstenberg-my DVF- will approve of my fashion crush and sale savvy!)

Oh that's right-DVF did favorite one of my Instagram photos of my DVF shoes and DVF clutch.

There is nothing like having a designer 'like' your selections for a special event- definitely builds the confidence when you are 52 years old and pulling it together for a special event.

Here is my prized little DVF Tonda clutch.

Things we need in a clutch:

Lipstick, Pressed powder, Hand cream, Eye pencil, iPhone, Mints, Keys, Cab Fare, I.D.,Tissues And for the bride: Safety Pins,Tiny thread and needle kit, Shout wipes for emergency spots

* For me a pedicure is a must before a special event. I'm going with Deborah Lipmann Glamorous Life. It's a gorgeous shade of rose gold.

*Fresh hair color (if need be). *A good 'Crest White Strips' brightening for my teeth. *Remember the 'underpinnings' strapless and 'spanky' to support your look in that special occasion dress......enough said.

We love a wedding in our family (I myself am a repeat offender ;) Friends, cousins, nieces and nephews will be traveling in from around the country.

We will be meeting new family.... for us three new step-brothers and their families.

The rippling connecting circles of life expand.

We will lead the procession, and stand with the bride and groom, as they enter their sacred marriage. We will thrill with them and.....

Our smiles will be blinding!

Something borrowed, something blue....

a penny for good luck??

I'm not sure if she is superstitious but I will pack a few items for mom....just in case.

A borrowed handkerchief from my wedding in 2000, tied with a blue ribbon....

and a lucky penny, from the year 2012~ the year they met.

You see how much life can change in exactly a year?

Something borrowed, something blue and a penny for good luck in her Stuart Weitzman pumps (Mom has great taste!).

In a private moment I will nod to my father, who I dearly miss, after his passing 4 years ago here. He walked me down this same aisle when I was 20 years old. We held his memorial service in the same place 4 years ago. I can still feel him in this church.

I may feel a little misty-eyed for a moment....... and yet it's not my moment.

 I will cheer and toast and hug for the fresh new love that has been found. 

What a gift!
Love and luck and answered prayers for happiness.
That's the thing about life....love, loss, memories, bittersweet moments, happiness and excitement
all combine to create the marbled path we tread.

Wherever you are spending the weekend-

wishing you love and luck! xx, Heather Orr Lindstrom Signature

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