Fall Getaway to Lake Tahoe and a Road Trip Reminder


Fall Getaway to Lake Tahoe

Scott and I planned a quick getaway to Lake Tahoe a couple of weekends ago. The weather had been warm and sunny for weeks here in Northern California. We envisioned brilliant sunshine, with colorful fall leaves bouncing off the blue waters of an iconic Lake Tahoe fall. As the weekend drew closer a series of heavy rain storms was predicted. I didn't even pull out my camera, thinking the images wouldn't be great in the wind and rain. This was the view from the rest stop on our way over Donner Pass.



We were headed to Lake Tahoe to meet up with my mom, and stepfather, Hal. We made plans to meet at Incline Village, on the north side of the lake, for lunch. As it turns out, the iPhone surprised me. I snapped this image on my iPhone on the way into the restaurant to meet them. When viewed through Instagram it looks like a watercolor. I can only attribute that to the rain.



Another Instagram image


Lake Tahoe has a natural beauty each season of the year. Fall is about crisp mountain air and golden leaves, winter is a cozy wood burning fire and a snowy white wonderland, spring is delicate flowers blooming after the winter snows, and summer is al fresco dining, picnics, hikes and sunny boat rides.

This is the beach at Incline from Lone Eagle Grille where we enjoyed a delicious lunch.





We enjoyed our lunch at Lone Eagle Grill so much that we returned for dinner and live music in the lounge.


Despite the weather, we had a wonderful time visiting with my mom, Jeri, and my step-father, Hal. They had a luxurious 2 bedroom suite at the Hyatt Residence Club/High Sierra Lodge for a few days. I highly recommend this resort for a Lake Tahoe getaway. If you are considering a vacation to Lake Tahoe I would be happy to set up a getaway for you. Contact me at Curated Travel: Great Escape.

The steady rain, and a roaring fire, made our Saturday night stay with them very cozy. These 'newlyweds' are going strong and we always enjoy our time with them.



Roadtrip Reminder: Our three-hour road trip to Lake Tahoe was somewhat eventful. As we were leaving the house I ran back inside to grab a bag of toasted almonds. Since we were meeting mom and Hal for lunch I didn't think of bringing any additional supplies or food. The trip went well until we saw a wall of brake lights on Interstate 80 high on the pass. Coincidently, we also saw the exit to a rest stop at the same time. Thankfully, we had all the facilities and a beautiful view (see top image) while we waited the two hours for a jack-knifed truck to be cleared. Needless to say, we were hungry by the time we arrived at Lake Tahoe. We always carry  water with us in the car, but I also advise additional snacks, blankets, chargers, a radio with batteries, all of which will come in handy if you become stopped for any length of time. On our way home from Tahoe we drove through a brief, surprise, snow storm. Thankfully all drivers slowed way down over the Donner Summit but it was nerve-wracking, to say the least. Our trip served to remind me to be prepared for anything when setting out on a road trip, especially in fall and winter. Read additional road trip travel tips from AAA.

If you are interested in a vacation to Lake Tahoe I would be happy to set up a getaway for you. I highly recommend this resort, Hyatt Residence Club/High Sierra Lodge as well as several others in the Incline Village area. Contact me at Curated Travel: Great Escape for more information.




Is it feeling like fall where you are today?



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