FEISTY - Lively*Courageous*Determined* - Female Entreprenuers

The one benefit to insomnia is the occasional brainstorm that hits you like a lightening bolt. I had one of those moments, in the wee hours of the morning, about a month ago. I was thinking about a need I had, and I figured out a way to solve it. It was beautifully simple!
If you follow my blog, you know I've recently gone through a major life transition--retirement from school psychologist to full-time entrepreneur. As I worked in my home office each day (my dream come true!), I started feeling the need to connect with other creative, talented, entrepreneurial women in Chico. I feared I would be working in isolation, which could be a lonely experience, down the road. I wanted a support network, so I created one.
Founded on the idea that there is strength in numbers and that sharing support and resources only enhances the ability to feel successful and fulfilled. I made a mental list of several women I had wanted to connect with but had previously not had the time with my career schedule. Why not pull us all together?
Bright and early the next morning, I logged on to Facebook and clicked on 'Create New Group'. I followed the directions, named my group, and invited several women on Facebook to join. I named it FEISTY for 'Female Entrepreneurs Inspiring Success to You".
I added this description:

"I have recently made the leap to being a full-time entrepreneur with my curated lifestyle brand - Style*Mind*Chic Life (blog, e-boutique + new travel agency). Now that I'm working from home each day, I'm feeling a strong desire to connect with other creative, talented women who are making their dreams come true as self-made entrepreneurs (that would be YOU!). We may have different niches, yet the business savvy and the resources we share are very similar. There is strength in numbers, sharing the knowledge and sharing the love in support of each other and our business endeavors. My hope is that we can share ideas, tips, events, opportunities and ask questions in this FB group as well as the occasional "FEISTY" happy hour in person. Cheers!"


I was a little nervous when I pushed the button to create the group, but I also knew I had nothing to lose; neither did they.

We only had much to gain.


Within minutes I watched our FEISTY group become a reality as women accepted the group and shared that they were excited and flattered to join.

Female empowerment in real-time. In our private Facebook group, we shared ideas, resources and a desire to get together in person. We met at a local cafe', Bidwell Perk, the next week. I profoundly remember that warm afternoon with the crackling, electric energy around the table surrounded by these lovely faces. Connecting, reconnecting, meeting for the first time and discovering so much in common. We shared our stories, our goal, ambitions, roadblocks, ideas, solutions, and many, many laughs. Isn't that so often the way it goes when women gather?  I'm so grateful we snapped a photo of our first get together.



That's the beauty of creating a group like this on Facebook, you can invite anyone you know, or want to connect with, who has a profile. They can choose to be a part, or not, and that's okay.  I'm grateful to Facebook, and Mark Zuckerburg, for making this kind of empowerment possible. And I want to thank these women, my #FEISTY friends, for proving my suspicion that there is tremendous empowerment when we gather together.




We are FEISTY ...

"lively, determined, and courageous".

Though our group has an entrepreneurial theme, I have adjusted the definition of FEISTY to reach a wider range of women.


Female Empowerment Inspiring Success Through You


Our second gathering--another memorable evening!

It only takes a few minutes to start a group, but the power generated can build a lifetime of friendship and empowerment. In times like these, I can't imagine a better way to lift women up than to create a supportive network of empowerment.

If you have a need, don't hesitate, start a group! join our network for empowering women. #FEISTY


Even if your life is full to overflowing, but you know someone who is lonely, struggling, going through a life transition, looking for resources, please share this post. My hope is that eventually, we will have an entire network of FEISTY chapters.

I will also add that I was not the person feeling like the leader, the one in the know, the one with all the info and resources to share when I started our group. I had a  need and an idea, yet the sheer act of starting the group felt empowering to me. It's a brilliant concept in that way.

If you want to start a FEISTY group, please leave a comment below, or email me, and let me know where you are located. Name your group #FEISTY(Your city) as I did with #FEISTYChico. If we have more than one chapter in a city we can number them. This way we can all be part of the same network of women empowering women. Just imagine the amazing connections we will make. The time feels right for us to feel empowered and I, for one, am passionate about it.



If you think this idea could empower someone you care about, please share this post.

If you want to start a group, you won't regret it!


Let's keep the conversation going!