The Fine Art of Making Your Dreams Come True


Rome 2011

The fine art of making your dreams come true.........


Are you a dreamer?


Can you see it?

Can you feel it?

Can you say it?


Or does it all feel a bit 



Paris 2006 (that's adventurous husband)

My vision was feeling a little blurry until a trip to 

Italy and France for my 50th birthday changed everything.


Portofino, 2011


A couple of years ago, if you had pressed me for my dream it was something like a healthy, peaceful life with my husband and family, some great travel adventures and....(can I even admit this in writing?) creating a comfy home, 'a bit of a nest' for us. On the heels of several busy years helping to raise my 3 step-daughters, suffering two miscarriages, and the loss of my father and my mother-in-law,  I was just sure my husband and I were due for a little peace. I took that to heart and felt good about regular home cooked dinners, keeping the house well stocked, eliminating piles of laundry, keeping the bills and mail all caught up (and maybe a nap or a little trashy bravo TV). You know, eliminating undue stress.  There was lots of food network watching and cooking going on during that phase (and dreaming up our next vacation to mix it all up a bit). 


It was very nice...

it was .....

a touch blah.


      Todi, Italy 2011

Before you judge me for sounding like a 1950's housewife (and I do adore the fashion on Mad Men), I will admit that my career as a school psychologist for students with emotional disabilities is intense. Working with students and families with such deep emotional issues can be draining and zap the good vibes right out of you. Summers off tend to help me recoup and gear up for the new year and I never take that for granted. The summer of 2011 my husband and I traveled to Italy & France to celebrate my 50th birthday.  

And right there, in the midst of all that loveliness, I felt it........



Paris 2011

I had a realization that some of my dreams were finally coming true.

Eschew (a better word than the one I was thinking--yet they do rhyme;)

heartbreak, divorces, disappointments, loss......

Health, love, peace, travel.....

we have it!


I apologize for the side pony tail-first and last time-on my 50th birthday in Paris.

(I think it had something to do with the champagne brunch). 


 Seize the moment ~  we are living the dream!  


This realization opened a new chapter for me. 



IF NOT NOW--when? something...more!


I started thinking of my epitaph-

"She knew how to make a comfy nest, throw a party and plan a great trip-RIP". 

I needed more.


Paris Birthday 2011 

I think turning 50 has a way of doing that for many of us.

Can you relate? 

I started to refine a new dream for myself

(and I'm not really a big dreamer).

Rome 2011

Here it is-  ~to connect, to challenge myself, to live, to adventure, to explore from anywhere in the world "on a beach in St. Barths" and be able to help sustain our adventurous life together from the laptop.

*Blogging-to connect (with fabulous people all over the world-like you) and to explore lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty. *Boutique-to challenge my newborn 'entrepreneurial skills', to support our adventures and to discover special pieces for the boutique to share with you.


 I had my first peek at that dream coming true while on vacation in Los Cabos earlier this month. As I clicked open my iPad to check emails, I discovered inspiring comments on the blog from my lovely blogging friends (from around the world) as well as some new friends, and learned that I had made 2 sales on my online boutique during the night...... and it was a glimpse of my future dreams.



Los Cabos 2013

I took a moment, and I smiled,

and focused, this is a little step towards my new dream coming true. 


Clarity and vision--

new and exciting for me.


(I still love cooking, the laundry is piled, the mail is a mess--but I'm much more 'fun' to live with these days).

My home office for Stylemindchic today

And... speaking of dreams coming true~my Stylemindchic Boutique is turning one this week! More on that adventure to come but I want to offer you the first ever sale, and it's a good one (just in time for Mother's Day). New collections!

As always,

thanks for stopping by Stylemindchic.

Your visits and comments are a big part of me feeling like I'm 

'living the dream' and it means so much to me.