The Fine Art of Reflection



Last weekend I found myself knee-deep in oogling my google calendar, making lists, setting some goals for myself and basically planning my year. When it came to my editorial calendar for the blog, I ended up with more questions than answers. Where am I going with this? Why am I doing this? Is there any value in my blogging in the scheme of my life? I had to take a step back, and realized I needed to spend some time on reflection, before I jump immediately into planning the next steps, for the blog and for life. The fine art of reflection.......


'Without looking back at how far you've come,

it's difficult to see where you are going.

The year 2014 brought adventures in travel, professional accomplishments, steps forward in health and some gratifying milestones in blogging for me. There were also some challenging times, and a few big disappointments, just like we all have in a given year. My first blog post published in January 2012, so my blog is just about to turn three years old. Since most blogs don't last a year, I guess I have some staying power, or I'm just plain stubborn (that's most likely it!). In blog years I'm probably a rebellious pre-teen...just saying.

If you are not a blogger, I'll share a couple of secrets with you (if you are a blogger, you will likely understand). As bloggers we are putting ourselves 'out there' in the world with every post. Each time we hit 'publish' we may wonder who the post will reach and/or if any of this effort makes a difference. It can feel risky. Sometimes we may wonder if anyone is out there reading our blog. Commenting on blog posts, emailing a blogger, and/or sharing blog content across social media, means so much to us bloggers. Thank you for the encouragement and validation. It makes the process much more rewarding for us.  At those times, when I've wondered if there is any purpose for my blog, I focus on a handful of readers who have shared that by visiting Stylemindchic Life their day was brightened, or they were encouraged in some way. I refocus on them and write for those lovely readers or bloggers.  I can see their faces even now, as I sit here at my computer. You are exactly the encouragement I need and the reason I keep blogging.

Speaking of reflection, I recently received a stats report on the most popular posts on Stylemindchic Life for 2014. As a psychologist I always find stats intriguing. I was curious to see what the numbers revealed about the themes of my most popular posts.

The photo gallery below represents the top 5 posts on Stylemindchic Life in 2014:

Top 5 Posts of 2014 on Stylemindchic Lifestyle:

How to Dress European Chic

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A Letter to George Clooney 

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How to Pack for a European Vacation

When I saw this list pop up on my stats, I laughed out loud. I see that 'how to' posts, style, travel and supporting/celebrating other women are big themes on my blog and I love that!  Data shows that a dash of humor and eye candy (like George Clooney) is still fun. I cannot live without humor, so why not? The timing on this report was just what I needed to continue to refine my vision, for the blog, and for the new year ahead.


Each year my husband requests that I make him a calendar from our 'Life Lindstrom'. The 2015 edition has finally arrived!  Maybe it's not a bad thing there was a delay in printing this year. Now that I've had time for some reflection, I feel I can move forward in planning the year ahead with more purpose.


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Can you relate?

Do you take time for reflection, on where you've been, and where you are going?

If you are a blogger, what keeps you blogging?


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