Signature Style: Flat out!



This was a little surprising to some, including myself, but I actually wore a pair of flats to work the other was mentioned at least a few times.  I've resisted with.... "I feel a little dumpy, I like that extra few inches, my legs look better"..... but I must confess, the day I wore flats to work I was moving fast, there was an extra bounce in my step, and I didn't hobble through the door at the end of the day. I'm making a subtle shift.  I'm not saying I'll be a purist, but I'm dabbling in flats, especially when making tracks in the city.

My husband recently made me  promise to always bring flats when traveling, to avoid the emergency stop at a shoe store to find "anything that is comfortable" simply out of desperation. I still have flashbacks to the unfortunate night, Rome 2003, when I had to 2:00 am in the city because new Italian stilettos had reached their bed time and you can't just hail a cab at that hour (I still think that was more an issue with Scott's promise there would be a taxi). Any way, I was, obviously, desperate to get out of the heels.

No more, I'm a new woman, a more reasonable woman. The good news, flats are becoming more stylish  than ever. Just be sure you find a pair with some arch support and a little padding for comfort.

My current favorite brand is -Me Too- with some extra cush and structure that makes it work. I bought this style, Lizzie, on a getaway to San Francisco.  Besides, you can't truly feel dumpy in Leopard.

Me Too Lizzie Flat 

I scoured the web and these are a few of my stylish favorites in a range of  price points. The  J. Crew catalog is bursting with textures, patterns and brights in all flavors of their Italian imported flats this season. Tory Burch is always the classic. Take a peek at just a few of the options out there this year.

Here's to embracing a new style this week.

How do you 'feel' about flats?


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