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I'm not a fantastic cook, I'll admit that. Better said, I'm not a confident cook......(pssst-don't tell, I entertain frequently and enjoy it).  When I married my husband and started cooking for him, and my three teenage step-daughters, I found it kind of daunting. Cooking for one, or the occasional happy hour fare had been right up my alley for awhile (and that's really no pressure, right?). In the beginning there were some mishaps, lots of brownies for slumber parties, and a few keepers. In the end, we even have a few family favorites which are fun to make when Briana, Lauren and Annika are here. That reminds me, at Christmas they requested copies of some of our family favorites (smile). Must get on that!

Now that the girls are grown, I am mostly cooking for  my husband and myself, or the occasional party here.  If  I'm in the mood to cook, and I have a sweet onion on hand, I often start by the therapeutic chopping, carmelizing and then build a sauce around it.  If  I'm feeling creative, I look around the kitchen and wonder "what can I make out of what we have?".  It's a little game I play with myself (it saves a trip to the market and is a cost-saving device). Surprisingly, every now and then, I stumble upon something pretty decent, just on the fly, and then I wish I had written it down. I wish I was Italian. Italians don't seem to have to measure....I, too, like a little pinch of this and a little pinch of that.......even though I'm Swedish. I also espouse the theory that you only need a few outstanding recipes, which you perfect over time, to be a decent cook.  Give me your top 5 and I'll give you mine.

Ta Da! My friends, this is my first. This recipe was originally shared by  A Sweet Pea Chef, and it's really all that. My husband requested this for Valentine's Day-instead of steak-wow!  Salmon is super healthy (Omega 3 Fatty acids and all) and a great source of protein.  I've also heard it's the fish for people who don't like fish. It's a go-to super easy dinner. I usually have frozen salmon on hand, from Trader Joe's, and can defrost in minutes to have this deliciousness on the table. Try it and let me know what you think.

What is your favorite go-to recipe??

Let's dish!

This is my favorite salmon~ Love this Salmon (click on link for recipe). My thanks to the Sweet Pea Chef for sharing.

             Cheers to the occasional home cooked meal!


   Photo Credits~A Sweet Pea Chef, My Pinterest Boards~Marni B, and Ashley Orr.