A Fresh New Year!

Stylemindchic Life SF Flower Stand Happy New Year to you, gorgeous!! I hope you like the flowers. I spotted these beauties at a flower stand in San Francisco and just had to share them. I love a fresh new year, don't you? Secretly, I may just love it as much as the holidays (if not a bit more). Don't tell my husband, he's in mourning for the passing of Christmas, though his light extravaganza is still sparkling. For me, January is a fresh start.  I've always enjoyed the process of clearing the clutter, and paring down, after the festivities of the holidays. January is for setting goals and clarifying my vision for the year. It's also the best time for refining a self-care routine, after several months of creating 'festivities' for others. In January there seems to be more time for quiet reflection. I find it's easier to get in touch with my inner voice and find the balance I am seeking. This month I plan to focus on various aspects of self-care here on the blog. It's a passion for me and I've heard from many of you that self-care is a high priority.

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Scott and I are back home following a leisurely trip to our beloved San Francisco. My list for the weekend is packed with laundry, putting away Christmas decor, catching up with blog reading and some reorganization of the closet (after a little shopping in the city #cityfix). For my tips on editing the wardrobe here and reorganizing the closet here. Now that we are home it's time for some fresh, clean eating and I'll be shopping for healthy ingredients to fill my fridge. I'm planning to start back on the Southbeach Diet Phase 1, just as I did last fall. I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks and felt fantastic. The plan is relatively easy and healthy. With the emphasis on lots of fresh veggies, low-fat, very low carb and no sugar, it mirrors how I should be eating most of the time at this stage in life anyway, so it doesn't feel like a diet. I'm happy to say I've kept off most of the weight but definitely enjoyed some of the decadence (carbs and sugar!) of the holidays. January is the perfect time to restart the healthiest eating, exercise and I'm ready. To get a jump-start these are my tips. Are you ready to do it too? Join the conversation below, and let's encourage each other along the path of self-care and wellness this month. If you have tips, we want need to hear them! I would love to have you join us. It's much more fun to journey on this path together.

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Here's to you and fresh new year today!


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