From Paris to home ....happily jet lagged!

This is just a glimpse of a few photos taken on our trip

(thanks to my  iPhone and the Instagram, Diptic apps for making it easy to share pretty pics!)


I adore travel AND I love coming home which always makes for a win/win kind of experience. As many of us know international travel, especially with multiple flights, delays and customs, can be exhausting. We were up at 6:45 am Paris time on Thursday and arrived home in California at 2:30 am on Friday. Add in the extra 9 hours that Paris is ahead of California time and that is a very long 28 or so hour day. We had a 90 minute delay in Dallas after we had already boarded the plane. First the pilot announced, "We are waiting for a part", later he announced they had the part but were having a hard time "getting it to fit" (not comforting!). On a wing and a prayer we made it home. 

No worries.....jet lag, a warm, comfy bed, and mounds of laundry create the perfect excuse for a 'jammies' kind of day with some luxurious napping in my mind. Can hardly wait to down load the photos from our merry trip to London and Paris as well as catch up on all of my favorite blogs that I missed while we were away.

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