Packing for a Girlfriends' Getaway #Bloggers in Napa Valley!

Heather Lindstrom of Stylemindchic at Andaz Napa

Relaxing at the Andaz Napa (February 2013)

After months of anticipation, it's time for the girlfriends' getaway and 'Bloggers in Napa Valley'. Napa/Sonoma Wine Country is one of my favorite escapes and a place near and dear to my heart.  To experience it with blogger girlfriends adds a whole new dimension. We have a packed itinerary that includes a 2 night stay at Andaz Napa, a day of wine tasting with a limousine tour, a little shopping and fine dining in Napa, Yountville and St. Helena. As with any gathering of girlfriends, I'm looking forward to laughter, merry-making, connecting and the girl talk more than anything else.



Once the destination is chosen, and the reservations are made, my thoughts always turn to what I'm going to pack. This trip, with this super stylish group of lifestyle/fashion bloggers,  I must confess, I'm doing a little extra planning. One thing I learned on my previous getaway with Adrienne and Kim #bloggers in the city here is to try on clothing before I pack it. I ended up with an animal print blouse that had shrunk in the laundry and left me with a gap between the two front buttons (way too much exposure for my taste). My only option was to throw on a scarf to cover the offending gap. Both the scarf and the blouse were conflicting animal prints, but I told them they 'just had to get along' for the day. It wasn't terribly stylish, but it was functional, and a good reminder to always bring a scarf AND try on clothing before I pack it.

Packing Guide for Bloggers in Napa Valley

I've been giving my wine country wardrobe a little thought and created a visual list of things I need to take. I find it keeps me organized and less forgetful of my necessities. I made this planning board on Polyvore. Wine country-style is pretty casual and laid back.  We will be having a cocktail party one night,  so I'll bump up the glam factor, just a bit, with a jumpsuit and some cagey heels. Other than that, it will be comfy flats or wedges, a maxi skirt and skinny jeans for me.The weather during spring in wine country can change on a dime, so layering is a must. I'm taking everything from light sweaters for day time and a leather jacket for evening.
Accessories for trip to Napa Valley
Today I'm gathering up some pretty accessories with sentimental meaning........

Prepping goodies from the Stylemindchic Boutique

 .........and wrapping up a few little goodies from my here for my girlfriends.
I'm putting the final touches on my packing, charging up the necessary tech stuff, and grabbing a pedicure (my pre-vacation tradition) today. Another tip I use, for being certain to have all of my makeup and 'lotions and potions', is to pack them up as I use them the day before I leave on a trip. That way I have time to think about what I need and it's stored properly and ready to go. Trying to do all that the morning of a trip stresses me out.

I'll be packed and ready so that I can enjoy cooking dinner with my husband and a little time to relax and connect with him (another must before a girlfriends' getaway ;). Leaving happy and feeling connected with my man always starts a girlfriends' getaway out on the right note. My previous stay at Andaz Napa with Scott here.
 I'll be on my way bright and early.
Stylemindchic is hitting the road
Hang on girls-I'm on my way!!
For more on our trip you can follow along on my Instagram feed here and check in with Adrienne of The Rich Life on a BudgetKim of Northern California StyleTamera of Tamera Beardsley and Jennifer of a Well Styled Life for more updates. The Andaz Napa (from my previous visitWine Country Getaway) is generously sponsoring our stay and Napa Valley Tours and Transportation will be providing our wine tasting tour.
On another note, I'm settling in here at my new site on Wordpress. I'm still fixing a few items and rebuilding my blog roll which has some glitches. I've heard that there has been some difficulty commenting so we are working on that. Overall, I am super pleased with the new look and feel of my blog.
I've been working with a dream team behind the scenes:
Kelly at Boost Interactive Media creates custom WordPress websites and/or teaches you how to DIY it through the WP Plugin Coach online and in-person WordPress training here & here. Maura at LeapinDesign creates websites and blogs for soloprenurers and facilitates the migration of blogs from Blogger to WordPress here.  I appreciate Kelly and Maura's professionalism, patience and encouragement. I highly recommend them.
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How about you? Do you have any fun plans for a spring getaway?
Do you enjoy a girlfriends' getaway like I do?

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