Grateful Glimpses....{and seeking balance}

Do you ever have a couple of weeks where you feel like you are living a thousand lives in one?

As I think back on to my first couple of weeks back to work I can't help but think of the many hats I've worn.

Delighted Daughter

How often do take the afternoon off to travel to attend your lovely mother's bridal luncheon?

 Gorgeous luncheon flowers!

A heartfelt and memorable afternoon with my mother and her lovely friends of 50+ years. A number of these friends threw my baby shower back in 1961 and they always remind me. xx Priceless......

Lifestyle Blogger

Collaborating with a local magazine for a photo shoot-

Upgraded Living magazine on location.

Proud step-mom

A wonderful day working with my talented step-daughter, Briana, from Upgraded Living Magazine.


Lazy Floater

Appreciating the ebbing moments for summer time floats

(and the amazing staying power of this pedicure-through the Caribbean and summer poolside at home-

Essie Turquoise and Caicos)

 stealing a few moments on Sunday to lounge on the deck.

School Psychologist Attempting to find beauty in a career that often feels less than sane, as we work to support our students that may never have known even one true moment of peace. Abuse, abandonment, assault, post traumatic stress, bio-polar, neglect, depression, anxiety,  self-injurious behaviors.....

I captured these beautiful palms driving back to the office following an emergency involving a runaway student and the sheriff yesterday.

(Newbie) Entrepreneur Buyer, stylist, personal shopper, photographer, accountant, gift wrapper @ my online Stylemindchic Boutique here.

A 'Deer' Neighbor

Girlfriend/Wife/Love Interest Just trying to find a little quiet time to connect with my man.

(Jack, I meant the other man in my life....)

  I'm sure you are like me, wearing many hats every single day. Are you feeling it too? Trying to find the right balance? I am grateful, sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed and then I try to remember to take a breath here. How do you find your balance?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. We are seeking a little connecting time in the wine country. I'm looking forward to meeting up with some dear, dear friends and meeting one of my favorite bloggers, Adrienne at The Rich Life (on a budget) here. What's on your calendar?


Here's to finding our balance and being grateful! xx,

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