Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day 2012. I'm up at the crack of this gorgeous dawn looking forward to hosting brunch for two of my favorite moms~my mother, Jeri, and my sister, Heidi.  My nephews, Jordan and Jared, will be here and they always bring the fun. No doubt there will be decadent treats, some lovely flowers (mom is bringing the centerpiece from her own garden), a gift or two, lots of laughter, catching up on life.....and more precious memories made. The older I get, the more I realize just how precious and fleeting are these shining days in life.

To all the moms today~you are special!!

Enjoy your day and you deserve to be spoiled (after all, where would we be without you?)!!


My lovely mom, Jeri

For more about Jeri

Heidi, Jordan and Jared

Heidi and Heather~we cleaned up pretty well...

...but we were quite a handful at times

(we did have some great wheels-thanks Mom!).

 With my dad, mom, Heidi and her two boys, in Canada. I had just started dating Scott Lindstrom.

It all worked all pretty well in the end.


 One of my favorite family photos~circa 1999.

 My grandmother, Edith, and mother, Jeri~lovely ladies!

I also know this day can bring a mix of emotions for many of us in dealing with the loss of a mom, or a mother-in-law (we lost Margie last year), or babies we had, but lost.....for all of us~big hugs all around....

Wishing you comfort, peace, and sweet memories today.