Heading to London & Paris for the Holidays!

As you read this my husband and I will be winging our way to London and Paris for a special holiday trip with my family. One of my favorite things about leaving on a holiday is that the busy planning, prepping and packing is all done....it's pure adventure from then on. I promise, I plan to immerse myself in every moment.

We are at that point my friends.....let the adventure begin!

I expect to take a break from regular blogging during the trip but hope to capture some lovely, sparkling images so look to my Instagram Feed (link in column to the right) or my Stylemindchic Facebook Page, or here on the blog for a glimpse of London and Paris on the go. Until then.....a few magical views for you today...........


                                      To be sure I'll be adding more to my Getaway Guide Paris when I return.

Cheerio and Au Revoir!


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