Hearts Break..........

Truly, there are no words......Sending wishes for comfort, love, prayers, peace and hope; I feel so hollow in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, yesterday. Precious young children and selfless educators were taken...................absolutely, hideous, horrific and senseless. If it can happen there....it can happen absolutely anywhere.

As a former teacher, and currently a school psychologist for students with emotional disabilities, this hits very close to the core of where I, and my colleagues in education, live on a daily basis. Providing safety and security-both physical and emotional- for our students is the highest priority. It shakes our faith to see that, in the end, despite our best efforts, we are sometimes unable to do so.


If you are looking for resources on talking to children about the tragedy see Here. A Hero/Teacher, Vicki Soto, who gave her life to save her first grade students.

  Watch More News Videos at ABC

For some of us, who have experienced losses during previous holidays, it may already be a bittersweet season here. I have no answers....all I do know is that life is precious. Be good to those you love, and let them know..... Hearts break,