Hello Summer......We're Going to Get Along Just Fine!

And just like that, I finished my last day of work,  breathed a big sigh of relief, drove home,  and my seven week summer had begun.....finally.

I think I may have shed one happy tear.  It's been an incredibly busy year and, frankly, I'm exhausted. This is my view on the first full day of summer. #happy

On my summer wish list I'm hoping for desperately needing~ *Some relaxation *Catching up on some much needed rest........ Maybe taking a nap here on the shady deck.

*Building in some time for self care Along with more sleep, I need to get more in a better routine for all the buff, polish, masque, moisturize stuff....the works!

In my 50's I'm more into skincare and makeup than ever before.

*To move more!!!!! Dance, yoga, pilates and swimming are my summer time  favorite forms of exercise. I busted out a 10 minute 'dance party for one' this morning.

My husband looked at me like I was nuts but he laughed.  I enjoyed myself a little 'Blurred Lines' -Robin Thicke and  'Get Lucky' -Daft Punk (Sometimes my musical taste skews a little younger than my age ;).  

I'm working on a summer play list. *Fresh, healthy eating and juicing Summer is perfect for fresh, healthy foods like these beautiful berries. *Finally, taking a few moments each day to breathe deeply here,

reflect and be grateful for life and health and love. #gratitude

This is my summer wish list. 

I would love to hear-what's on yours?

Cheers to summer!!


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