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 Holiday Decor Inspiration from Veranda Magazine

Scott and I spent most of last weekend, and a couple of nights this week, zhushing up our holiday decor. He's more of a tree lights/outdoor lighting expert than me, but since he is such a lover of Christmas, we plan most of our holiday decor together. The boxes being unloaded from the garage seemed endless this year. Along with the classic gold, silver and mixed metals themed decor (my style), and the globe collection, santas, red and green decor (his style), I saw various holiday decor themes that have faded over the years. I passed up the bright turquoise and lime green balls, a box of colorful high-heeled shoe ornaments, from whimsical holidays gone by with 3 teen-age step-daughters (true confessions, the shoes were more my thing;). I realized my style has definitely favored more natural elements the last few years. As usual, I looked to pinterest for some fresh inspiration before unloading those boxes.

Veranda Magazine

 The vibrance of the citrus in these scenes really caught my eye.

Did you know you can grow citrus indoors here? At least Martha Stewart can.

Citrus Wreaths

 Lovely lemon wreath!

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This garland is abundant with ribbons, lights, and a combination of greens, in a picture perfect, classic setting.

Holiday Dining Room

I like the clean, modern style of the winter whites in this lovely dining room. I'm sure the lights twinkle exquisitely at night.

Christmas decor at home

 As always, mixed metal tones, with a touch of sparkle, catch my eye.

This is a simple, cozy scene with candles, pine cones, plush pillows and a faux fur throw.

It makes me just want to cuddle up in front of a roaring fire.


 It's possible to create the illusion of a fireplace, with only candles. The use of eucalyptus leaves is

a fresh twist on holiday greens. These are layered beautifully on the ornate fireplace.

Animal Print holiday decor

 I'll confess, my holidays have included a touch of faux fur and animal print too.

At least style is consistent, right?

Contemporary Holiday Style

 I'm also attracted to the sleek, contemporary scene for the holidays. Less fuss and more focus on the natural elements.

Christmas at Home

This is a photograph of our holiday decor last season. The beautiful sunset view always adds to the ambiance. I still have no idea why the lights are twinkling in this photograph. I'll just call it a Christmas miracle! As we put the finishing touches on our holiday decor I'll be sure to snap some images. We are hosting a party next weekend, so at some point, we need to finish up (remember 'enough is enough'!).

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