Holiday Inspirations #sharing the joy

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via This is one of my favorite holiday inspiration photos. It reminds me  to share the joy of the holidays with others. Find more festive images on my Pinterest Boards. Follow Heather Lindstrom @ Stylemindchic's board Holiday Style @ Stylemindchic on Pinterest.

As a School Psychologist I serve classes of students who have special talents and special needs.

One of my favorite 'gigs' is the Adult Transition Center where young adults (age 18-22) learn life skills and work towards independence. Last week I attended the annual 'Winter Feast'. The adult students, supported by paraprofessionals and teachers, created a winter wonderland of decorations, holiday festivities and a delicious meal. It's one of my favorite days of the year.

I interviewed one of our shining star students and she had a special message of joy to share.What a voice!
Remembering the simple joys and delights of this holiday season today.

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