Home Office Redesign

For the last month I've been working on my home office redesign. This is a personal space to me (unless we have overnight guests) and I've wanted to strike just the right vibe, to foster creativity and productivity, with a calming feel.

As I refined my ideas I decided the space dictates bright and sunny with a nod to blending sleek with vintage-one of my favorite styles. This chair I added for additional seating for clients (by that I mean clients I will have in the future).

This cabinet was originally dark wood and I decided it had to be repainted in a fresh white shade. My painter is excellent!  #husbandpaintsIcheer

I found this burnished gold mirrored side table and had to have it. These two pieces are the more vintage inspired elements in the space. Fresh flowers and scented candles are a must for my personal space.

The parsons desk and roller chair strike just the right note of clean and modern.

I don't know about you but I don't work well with tons of clutter.

I end up wanting to clean up rather than be productive.

A place for everything and everything in it's place-I do aspire to this.#ocd

With this view of the acacia tree and the pool beyond I almost feel like I'm in a tree house. On summer mornings I throw open the windows and enjoy the fresh morning breeze, the happy birdies and a moment of gratitude.

I always have a lovely candle burning when I work-this one is from Calvin Klein here.

This fold down sofa is one we use for an extra sleeping space for overflow guests (the guest room is next door here). I'm quite sure it's 'leatherette' and maybe not all that comfy, but for now we are not ready to get rid of it. The metal and glass side table has been with us for years as well. It's a make it work kind of moment.

I popped the accents with yellow but that can change on a whim to a different color since the bones of the room are more neutral.

The shelves I designed for use in creating displays for photo shoots for my Stylemindchic online boutique here. Can't we all relate to the '@' these days (bloggers do!) and the 'wise old owl' makes me smile.

This is a vintage table that I've had for 20+ years. It has been painted everything from creamy white to burnished bronze gray to sunny yellow. It appears to like a new coat-just like me. Do you recognize that metal bowl from Ikea? I found the design interesting so I tacked it up on the wall  (now I wish I had purchased 3!).

My ever present mannequin for displaying my Stylemindchic Boutique items

(this one is an Amrita Singh pendant here).

I use a small cork board with white frame to display some of my favorite Stylemindchic Boutique jewelry pieces. I tacked on a few magazine tear sheets for added color in the background. Believe it or not I run the entire Stylemindchic Boutique from the walk in closet in this room. It's not quite ready for it's 'close-up' but I will share more in a future post.

Starting a business is an entire adventure in and of itself (especially when you have a career on top of it).Jewelry pieces are from the Lizou Collection and Laurane Elisabeth designs in the Sparkle Jewelry Collection


Where do you work?

Do you have a designated space or are you more of a take it with me for inspiration kind of creative one?

I hope you've enjoyed this peek at my personal office space.

If you are anything like me it's always a work in progress AND that's half the fun.

Curated Collections at my Stylemindchic Boutique here!