Hoping for a Speedy Recovery for My Favorite Guy! xx

nob-hll-house-stylemindchiclife Tomorrow morning, bright and early, it's shoulder surgery for my favorite guy. I'm somewhat dreading it. Scott flew to Chicago for four days last week, and though I prefer it when we fly together, I was relieved when he arrived home safely.

And now...


Going under the knife--and the whole anesthesia thing-- is a whole different deal. Scott will be having rotator cuff surgery for the second time.



He had a shoulder repaired for the first time following an unfortunate fall from the peak of our roof while putting up Christmas lights. See that peaked roof? It's a long way down from top to bottom. This was our first home together in Chico.

holiday-lights-nob-hill-stylemindchiclife The lights were beautiful...

but we moved.


I was secretly happy that our current home has a tile roof. I thought it would eliminate rooftop escapades; until last Sunday.


Apparently not...

As I walked by our dining room last Sunday, I caught a glimpse of this scene. My man is back up on the roof--thankfully a less towering roof this time. His goal was to get the Christmas lights up before the surgery tomorrow and 6-9 weeks of immobility.


That face makes me laugh!

We have #prematureChristmas lights--yes!!

My husband is back up on the roof--yes!!



The lights look good--yes!!



Mostly, I just want THIS face to do well during surgery tomorrow.

Obviously our Halloween will be less festive than usual.

I'll be playing "nurse" but not even the fun kind ;)


How are your weekend plans shaping up?

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