Hot Tips for a Little Romance


 It will be date night en suite for us this Valentine's Day.

It will probably look a little something like this...

     at home with a splash of bubbly and a view! Happy Tuesday! I have a tip that is golden and suitable for emailing to a deserving loved one (if a hint is needed). I love that I was able to finally convince my husband, Scott, to write for Stylemindchic Life and I think it's a must read~back by popular demand.      From my guy's perspective...{part 1}

If you need a little something to get you in the mood take a peek at inspiration {everything looks better in black and white}.

A little musical inspiration from one of my longtime mood makers here. via

A little candlelight is always nice here one of my new favorites in the boutique. (Dayna Decker uses treated wood wick for a little crackling ambiance)

A little something sweet like Chocolate Fondue (one of my favorites!)

Hand-painted silk-chiffon chemise by Jenny Packham

  A little something silky? Feather-trimmed silk-chiffon chemise by Jenny Packham

Swarovski crystal-embellished fringed silk chemise by Jenny Packham

I'm a little obsessed with Jenny Packham, British Designer, after viewing these windows in London during the holidays.  


London 2012


For us it will be a date night en suite for Valentine's Day and hopefully these little touches will add to the ambiance.  We are heading out to the Napa Valley for the weekend which is a good bet for a little more amour (wink!).

What is your best tip to set the mood for a little romance??

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