Color Story: Hot Tips for Surviving Winter Blues

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Hot Tips for Surviving Winter

Baby, it's cold outside! It feels like full-blown winter almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere now. I know we have it pretty easy, here in Northern California with milder temps, but for those of you in the deep freeze, stay warm and safe this weekend. I did a two-year stint in Michigan, during graduate school, so I understand the concept of below zero temperatures, bone crushing wind chill factors, and how going to the market for milk is a major ordeal. Though the first snowfall is pretty, even romantic, the season can drag on for months. Cabin fever can set in, and the world looks one-dimensional, and can feel isolating, during the depth of winter.

Cherry Blossom Girl

Cherry Blossom Girl

My hot tip for surviving the season in a snow-white world? Color!  On an excursion to Chicago, during my first winter in Michigan, I spotted the one thing that changed my life, and it's my hot tip for surviving winter.  I spotted a bright pink, puffy coat, with waist 'expanding' quilted down inserts, and a slight flare to the below knee-length hem. It looked, and felt, much like a sleeping bag with the bottom cut out, and I couldn't have cared less. On the spot I purchased my first, and last, puffy coat. I lived in that pepto bismol hued number every day for two winters. I think I may have slept in it, when the heater went out. Not only did the down panels keep me warm, the cheerful pink color buoyed my spirits, in a blizzard of white, for five months of the year.  My pink puffy coat was just the pop of color I needed to get me out the door and on the snowy path to class. It was also a safety item. Turns out it would have been much easier to find me in a blizzard, or a snow bank, with all that pink. I wanted to burn that coat by the time I left Michigan, for sunny Los Angeles, on a gray March day, when the pure white snow had become a muddy brown mess (don't they call that 'snit'?;). I don't wear much pink anymore, but I'll always be grateful for the warmth, safety and mood lifting from that pink, puffy coat.

Color of the rainbow


I've always been fascinated by the psychology behind color, and the myriad of ways it can impact our perspective. Read this for more on the power of color in our lives. Do you have 'go to' colors to elevate your mood?

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My other survival tip, for cold weather season, is to take a break. I made my first trip to Riviera Maya during that second, snowy winter in Michigan. Leaving Chicago, with a temperature of 5 degrees below zero, and arriving in Mexico at a perfect 82 degrees, was true bliss in February. I've never forgotten that experience.

 If you are considering a beach vacation this year,

I have an idea for you here.

 Stylemindchic Lifestyle LogoWishing you a 'warm' and colorful weekend wherever you are today!


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