How This Hot Tip Saved My Evening In London!

(Window at Harrod's December 2012)

Have you ever had one of those moments? You know you can't do it all so you have to make the choice to cut a corner. I had one of those moments during my holiday trip to London. We were busy with all the royal business, by that I mean palaces, tours, walking the neighborhoods and absorbing every last moment of this glamorous city. It was rainy so I was wearing a hat most of the's my dirty little secret. I hadn't taken the time to wash, blow dry and flat iron my hair-since we had arrived. I know..... In my defense I will say one of the BEST perks of being 51 is that I don't have to wash my hair as frequently, in fact, too frequent washings can make the hair more damaged and dry. With jet lag and being on the move from early each day I promised myself   to get back to the hotel to do the whole hair thing before our High Tea at Le Meridian and our evening to see the theater version of Les Miserables.  I know, it sounds glamorous, except that I had a flat/dirty hair dilemma and that just wouldn't do for London, so I needed to cut a corner. Who wants to skip a viewing of St. Paul's Cathedral to prep hair in the hotel?  Definitely not me! Then I had a time saving thought....if only I could get my hands on some dry shampoo I could skip that entire hour + of hair fuss, do a quick change to get back out on the town. I made the choice...and had to stick with it.

St. Paul's Cathedral, London December 2012

The self guided tour of this architectural masterpiece was more than worth cutting this corner.(For more on London here).A zippy Taxi Cab

A zippy Taxi Cab ride back to the hotel and I was on the move to the pharmacy around the corner hoping they would have the goods to hook me up.  They did! I purchased one of the original dry shampoos from Batiste and hot-footed it back to the hotel.  Several sprays,  a quick brush through, a little hair spray and the day was saved.

 The results were immediate from flat to full in about 30 seconds. Even my husband was amazed.  A quick change, touch up, spritz and gloss and we were out the door.

By the way, Les Miserables was a smash!

Back at home I always keep some sort of dry shampoo on hand. It's a hot tip, even for when your hair is clean but needs some body. It's especially helpful for getting a little "grab" and texture when working an updo.

     I also like this with a fresh, lemony scent:

 For a bit of shine I add this to my ends:

Do you have any hot little time savers that we need to know about? Please dish!

Welcome to your weekend.....and if you need to cut a corner you can always try this one. Let me know how it goes!

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