How to Create a Style Board Out of Wine Corks

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Monday was a holiday for us and the power went out for several hours. What? No computer, WiFi, TV? I was grateful I didn't have any appointments requiring a spit bath or dry shampoo for a jaunt downtown. I happily settled into a project that I had started months ago, and let languish under the couch. What do you get when you marry wine corks with a vintage frame? The simplest, most festive, DIY project ever!!

Wine corks in a vintage gold frame on Stylemindchic Lifestyle

How to create a style board out of wine corks

1 - To prep for this project you must pop the cork on a nice bottle of wine...sip and repeat...and repeat. This part could take you several weeks, or you may get a jump on it if you host a big party! Don't rush this phase, it's so festive.

2 - Collect the corks in a bowl-the more the merrier! If you don't drink wine, never fear. I've seen bags of corks for sale at places like target and craft shops. Baffles me...why would I buy them with a steady stream being produced at home? #cottage industryMy Collage of wine corks and creating a style board  in a vintage gold frame on Stylemindchic Lifestyle

3 - Once you have a healthy assortment of corks, reminiscent of lovely evenings at home, wine tasting, and travels, look for a good-sized frame. I choose a vintage frame, antique gold and linen finish, that we had hanging in the garage.


I created a style board out of wine corks and a vintage frame

4 - Grab a glue gun, or any type of tacky glue. I used Elmer's since the power was out. Lay out your corks in a pattern that appeals to you and start gluing them to the backing of the frame. If you end up with irregular spacing you can always use a sharp knife to trim corks to fit a space. My pattern was fairly organic. It was a lot like doing a puzzle. No corks were harmed in creating this project! Once my style board was complete I laid it flat to dry for a day.


I used a vintage framed, glued on wine corks to create a style board for my office at Stylemindchic Lifestyle

I will use my style board for visual inspiration-blog post ideas, color schemes, jewelry designs, styling ideas, business ideas, shoe crushes, random quotes-and all the elements of my personal style. I tacked a few items up here to give you an idea since a personal style board must evolve over time.

My Gold and Turquoise Watch by Michael Kors #statement piece

It's a funny thing about visualizing style. Last week I was going through a file of old tear sheets that I had on a different style board last year. I had an image of this eye-catching watch by Michael Kors. I hadn't even remembered I had pulled it from a magazine and tacked it up, but I received this watch as a gift from my husband for Valentine's day. Apparently Scott took a peek at my style board.


Wine Bottle Wall Villa Valentina Los Cabos

And here's what I did with all those empty wine bottles! ;)


This is a cool project we discovered on our recent trip to Los Cabos.

It's all about reuse and recycling, right?

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Wishing you some warm springtime weather where you are.

Are you a collector of corks like I am?


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