How to Make Your Love Interest Swoon [From Scott's Perspective]

 How to Make Your Love Interest Swoon

[Heather] If our house were burning down one of the first things I would grab is my beloved drawer of cards from my husband. I always say he gives great card....and usually gets a tear and a kiss from me when presented with one of these treasures. The photo above is of his cards celebrating my "Big" birthday in Paris last summer. From my perspective, he has this fine art nailed.

Finally, his secret is revealed.

From Scott's Perspective


[Scott] There’s more about what to do for Valentine’s Day that I don’t know than what I do know.  What I do know is that my Heather gets teary-eyed when I write a heart-felt note in a card to her.  What I do know is that this kind of communication is good for cards to Mom and Dad, daughters, friends, coworkers and brothers.  And it’s so meaningful when I’m on the receiving end of such a note.  So boys (and girls), here’s a how to on what I’ve been told works for women. 
  1. Make the time to go somewhere and find the right card.  Yes, you can do this even if you’re busy.  Target has great collections, and sometimes even your local grocery store can work.  Even better, find that little shop that sells unique cards and gifts.  Our favorite online company is Greeting Card Universe ( created by Heather's cousins, Mindy and Nasser Gaemi. GCU  is a perfect resource to make your own photos into personal cards or incorporate original art in the design.
  2. Clear your mind of the clutter for a moment.  This is not always easy if you’ve been together more than a couple of years—you work too hard, you have had too many arguments, you have grown apart, you live day-to-day primarily by habit.  If you can touch her at night, if you can kiss her in the morning, you can take a moment of focus on the joy or happy memories you share.
  3. Begin picking up the cards with pics on the front that touch you.  Let yourself feel what she will feel when she receives this card.  It’s okay to buy that card that makes you LOL, but, if you buy that one, also buy the one that touches your heart in that focused moment.  Yup, sometimes two cards is even better.  Maybe they can capture the different personalities of your relationship. 
  4. While you’re driving home, turn the radio off, take a silent moment, or put in a CD with a favorite song that captures a moment or a time you felt connected with her.  Think about what has touched your heart, what personality traits drew you to her, what favorite moments and memories you have created, what made you laugh together until you cried, what sorrow you have carried one another through.  Now, WRITE THEM DOWN!  (Consider writing on scratch paper first.) Is that so hard?  Maybe, maybe not, but you can make it happen this time.  Three sentences, five sentences may be enough, and don’t worry about grammar.
  5. On the envelope, consider writing your initials in a heart, or something that says, “I thought about this, too.”
  6. Be present with her when she reads the card.  If there is no other gift, no flowers (although flowers are easy and always appreciated), this card will be more than any other gift can say.
  7. Enjoy the connection created….in whatever manner that may play out.  ;-)
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Paris 2012, Birthday postcards


I placed these special birthday postcards in a see-through glass frame so I can still read the

sentiments on the back.

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Cheers to more 'swooning' in life!