It's In The Bag...My On the Go 'Must Haves'

Even before I started blogging, I was always a bit intrigued by those 'what's in my bag' types of blog posts. It might be one part voyeuristic (we don't typically look inside another woman's handbag) but it's also practical.  I want to be sure I've thought of everything for my 'on the go' lifestyle. I commute about 30 minutes outside of Chico each day so there is no stopping back by the house if I forget something (besides-I can't stand back tracking and tend to plot my course for the day with intention). For many of us a handbag is not just a fashion accessory. When we are on thegoitcan be the difference between a smoothly flowing day, or an unorganized mess of a day, and who wants that? I'm all about keeping it simple and organized. I used to switch out my bag often, depending on my mood, or outfit, but last

summer I met my match (right around my birthday) and it was even on sale.

Meet my Michael Kors 'Hamilton' workhorse of a handbag.
I've become very might even say we are now in a committed relationship.

My version is pale grey with gold accents. I always appreciate mixed metal tones and this one goes with everything. I've owned a number of bags but this is my favorite due to the styling and the quality. The leather is buttery and luxurious. After daily use for almost a year it still looks good as new. It's also large enough to hold my iPad with keyboard case, a water bottle along with all the usual stuff which is such a plus when traveling.

(You can find it at Zappos)

MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tz Tote (Luggage) Tote Handbags

*What's in the bag?*

iPhone (I made my logo case on Zazzle-great for personalized items)

iBuds (especially when traveling)

Leather Wallet purchased in Italy

love+toast hand creme-in paper flower (current favorite!)

Laura Mercier compact powder

Laura Mercier Lipstick

L'Oreal True Match Crayon Concealer (perfect for touch-ups on the go)

Eye pencil Bare Minerals gloss (mine is 'pink prosecco')

*Reading glasses (a must at this stage-unfortunately!)

*hair clip or hair tie (sometimes you just have to put it up)

*Pastilles (a memento from Paris in December-almost gone) or Altoids minis

*Roller ball or sample perfumes from my Sephora obsession (this one is Marc Jacobs 'Dot' Fresh)

Rollerballs are the best for on the go scents that don't leak.

*Keys on my Toss Key chain tassel at my boutique here (makes it easier to find my keys!)

*Toss Purse Liner here (helps me organize all my goodies) and easily switch out to a clutch purse for dinner

*Mod case by Glam for aspirin, etc.

Kashi bar for a healthy snack from Target

Not pictured: Shout Wipes (for spots and drips!)

Dry roasted, unsalted almonds (my go to healthy snack)


Always hand-sanitizer  (I have a bit of a germa phobia thing since I visit multiple school sites each day)

I've also been known to spend drive time doing a bit of this:

(It's always nice to arrive with a bright smile and I love a little multi-tasking!)

Other tips to keep the 'on the go' life on the move.

*Dry cleaning, packages to mail, returns, etc. I put in my car when I think of it, rather than when I'm running out the door in the morning.

*Receipts for returns always go directly in the return bag for easy access.

*For coupons, travel vouchers, tickets, etc. I try to go paperless and use my iPhone as much as possible. (There are so many useful apps for staying organized these days)

*I keep a running list of grocery items/supplies needed in our kitchen. I'll take a photo of the shopping list on my iPhone so I can use it myself or text it to my husband if he ends up being the one to shop.

*Sort the bag frequently so you know what you have, have what you need and don't haul the rest around.
This little Michael Kors 'work horse' has been on the go with me to Riviera Maya, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Sonoma, Newport Beach, London & Paris so far this year and  it's still looking good as new.

For more on how lipsticks tend to multiply in our bags see this post.
Do you have an everyday handbag? 
What are your must haves for life on the go?  
What's in your bag today? Any tips??


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