It's More About the Girlfriends than the Sex

via Carrie Bradshaw and her girlfriends from NYC.........

Did you watch back in the day?

I know it may seem fluffy, a little shallow, but I'll admit it...........

I miss the girls.

It would be fun to see how they are all negotiating life 15 years later-

with peri-menopause and middle age.

Girlfriends and the women of Sex and the City

Last week marked the 15th Anniversary of the debut of the ground-breaking HBO series Sex and the City. I must admit, I came a little late to the party. I was recently divorced, living in the San Francisco bay area, and finding my own path about the same time the show debuted.  I would have enjoyed being a regular viewer but could not afford to splurge on HBO during the heyday of the show. In the years since I have definitely caught up and feel under the spell just a bit. Ironically, even though I couldn't afford HBO to watch the show, my girlfriends and I were grappling with some of the same issues during this particular time in life.
Like this classic conversation about soul mates:
I've had these same conversations with my girlfriends, haven't you?
By the way, do you believe in soul mates??

Sex and the City was about friendship among women, first and foremost. Yes, there was a bit of, usually, humorous sex.....(and yes, sex happens-in both the city and the country).  There was the love story with Mr. Big (and I must ask are you more a fan of Mr. Big or Aidan?).
To me, the heart of the series was always about the relationship between the women and I think the show was incredibly well written. The voices seemed authentic for what my friends and I were dealing with. Is it just me or do we see a bit of each character in our own distinct personalities (see I am a psychologist after all)?  In my early 20's, as a new bride and a  pastor's wife,  I was most definitely a Charlotte. In my late 20's, following a breakup and moving to Los Angeles....... I was.....well...more of a Carrie (or even Samantha) enough said. We all figure it out in time and end up writing our own stories.

In looking at a few clips to put this post together I also noticed some other trendsetting from SATC that continues to influence our culture:
*Shoes~pure, unadulterated shoe crushes (ManoloBlahniks or as Carrie addressed them, "Hello Lover").

*Cities~A tribute and love story to the iconic New York City and in later years, amour in Paris.

*The inner voice~Carrie at her computer, random thoughts, asking the questions, writing.... (hello bloggers~have you ever channeled Carrie in a post? How would Carrie write that?)

*The Balloons~a quick look at Pinterest tells me that our infatuation with balloons is still going strong.

*Cupcakes~Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street in the West Village here.
As we all know, when girlfriends get back together, even for packing and moving, it's a special occasion.......

Pop the cork!

And somehow, we always end up picking up exactly where we left off.
Take a peek at Big and Carrie's fabulous penthouse from the SATC 2 movie
here.My New York City Getaway Guide Here. While visiting New York City a couple of years ago my husband and I wanted to do something a little different. We decided on the SATC bus tour that took us to fun neighborhoods we had wanted to explore. We even had those fabulous cupcakes at Magnolia  here. We had a blast!

Sarah Jessica Parker has a new shoe line coming out here.

To all of my girlfriends......I adore you!

To my new blogging friends~ I feel that my circle has expanded in fabulous ways with new 'soul-sisters' on many continents.

A special thank you today for my girls who have encouraged me in both blogging and biz from day one:

*Kathryn, Lily, Mel, Val, Cathy, Mom, Bri, Dorie, Sally, Crystal, Gina, Judie, Shelly G.* among others.

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