The Language of Bloggers

Do you speak the language of bloggers?  If you are a blogger you are probably fluent and may not even know it. On my recent trip to meet with blogger friends in Napa Valley we commented on this several times.  I'm tempted to call this post the 'blanguage' of bloggers but that would probably bust the SEO and I am only beginning to understand SEO (translation Search engine optimization). If your ears perk up at words like followers, widgets, PicMonkey collages, #like on Instagram, sponsored stays, amaro filter, blogrolls, thrill of pushing 'publish', retweeted, favorited, 'it went viral', jetpacks and rising stats, you just may be a blogger. This is all 'blogspeak' and likely lots of mumbo jumbo to those who don't blog. If you have family or friends whose eyes glaze over when you talk about any of the above, you are not alone, they simply don't speak the language.

I have been fortunate to meet up with blogger friends several times this last year and I've observed a few things about the unique language of bloggers.

Cheers to Bloggers with text

Bloggers like to toast, clink glasses with a "cheers", and love a splash of bubbly (all while getting some cool shots of the moment).

Heather Lindstrom at Andaz resized 540

Bloggers like to #celebrateeverything until further notice .........including the check-in to a chic hotel like Andaz Napa.

Bloggers at Cocktail Party Andaz Napa

Bloggers share tips on looking good in photographs (chin out, hand on hip, tongue behind your teeth, tilt your face towards the light) and realize that you need to take multiple shots to get even one that everyone looks good in. Standing on the end can be tricky, especially in a group of five, and Kim and Jennifer pull it off beautifully in this one. Bloggers realize that if you are cropped out of a photo your friend was just doing you a favor.

Bloggers at Merryvale 2

Bloggers understand how it really IS possible to be drinking a glass of wine, holding a hat, clicking and scrolling, tweeting and Instagramming while listening to a fellow blogger discuss something important like what's for lunch. Multi-tasking is the name of the game for bloggers.

If you feel the need to 'check in', take a quick photo, instagram with a pretty filter, and share it on your Facebook Fan page before you pick up a menu or say 'hello' to the waiter, you may just be a blogger, and we understand your language.

As with travel in any foreign country this kind of 'blanguage' can be odd to non-bloggers. According to my recent dinner date/husband, even a bit annoying if it goes on too long. When my husband and I are head out for an evening, and I want to do a little blogging about it, I created the 'First 2' agreement. By that I mean I'm reserving the first two minutes of our arrival to get my media together.  I can snap a couple of iPhone pics walking in to a restaurant, be seated, check-in on FB, quickly convert the best of those two photos to an IG (instagram), add a few #instalove hashtags and I'm done. If I need to buy a little extra time with a tech glitch, I might suggest he wash his hands after driving, which buys me another couple of minutes (sneaky;).  Once I'm done, I can relax and enjoy my dinner with Scott, and truly unplug.

Bloggers love to write thank you notes, on real cardstock, thank you very much.

Welcome strawberries and chocolate to Andaz Napa

Bloggers love goodies, a little special treatment, a kind gesture, or a personal note. It's not that we are spoiled or greedy. We simply appreciate the kindness and we also love writing those elegant thank you notes.

Bloggers gifts

Bloggers love to give..... and give personal, thoughtful, beautiful gifts as a memento of a special time together.

Bloggers are stylish, creative, generous of spirit and loving.

Business Cards

Bloggers have business cards, and unique ones at that.

If you've been handed a business card by a blogger.......

you have most likely made a friend for life.

Bloggers in Napa Valley Hands 640Have you met a blogger? If you have not connected with a blogger friend in person, I highly recommend it.

There is something empowering about stepping out of your comfort zone and making that unique connection.

I promise, you will enjoy speaking the same language.


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