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Today I'm reflecting on the view....

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A few of my favorite views

As I think about elements of inspiration in my life, I'm reflecting on the views. Many of my favorite moments while traveling are graced with an inspiring view.  Whether it be a room with a view in Rome (from above left), an infinity pool in Los Cabos, lunch with a view of the pitons in St. Lucia, Italian cypress and a patchwork quilt view from a dinner table in Todi, Italy, a seaside suite in Spain or a tropical lounge view in Dominican Republic, I'm inspired by the view. It's all about the quality of light, the rainbow of colors, the fragrance, the people watching, the whole vibe of a place. I have indelible memories, sensory memories, etched in my mind that inspire my style.

When I was a young girl of nine my family moved to a house on the top of a hill with a white fence in Loomis. It sounds intriguing, but the house was old and dilapidated. The previous family had six rambunctious children and, I'm not judging this, but, the family car was a black hearse. I couldn't get my 10-year-old brain around that one. It took years for my parents to fully remodel the house to it's deserved state of beauty, but the one constant, the top of our hill had a nearly 360 degree view of Northern California. From the bright white snows of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, to the golden hues of the foothills, to towering Mount Diablo in the San Francisco Bay area, to the greens and blues of the coast range; the chameleon view was jaw-dropping at times.

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When Scott and I first visited the lot for our current home, and spotted the same view of the coast range that I had grown up with, we were sold. I find myself inspired by the view from our home, especially when those pink clouds dance in the pool.

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