Love is in the Air...Our Lucky 13th Wedding Anniversary!!

Love is in the air around here with my mother's wedding just last weekend (more to come on my next post - I promise!). It seems that my husband Scott and I both had Paris on our minds as we selected our 13th wedding anniversary cards last Tuesday. It would have been easy to skip over our day, on September 10th, and get some rest after a huge weekend. We are bold---- so venture out we did!

Scott selected an easy, breezy dinner at our local 5th Street Steakhouse in Chico. We had the patio all to ourselves and a beautiful sunset. It was one of those moments where you think 'There is no place else I'd rather be'.

My guy-feeling lucky-even after 13 years!

Sometimes just making the extra effort is worth it, even when you are exhausted.

Remembering the 'why' we got hitched is also a reason to take the time.

September 10th, 2000

I always look at pictures like this and think 'we were so young'.

I also think we all had no idea quite what was ahead for us.

When we married Scott's girls were 13, 15 and 17~  Lauren, Briana and Annika (so cute!). Don't let these smiling faces fool you....we were all in for an adventure (and I can smile about it now). It's one that I know many of us are living day in and day out as blended and step-families. There were good memories and more difficult times for each of us in our family. I have good news, life gets easier over time for step-families. You grow together and learn from each other. New bonds are formed and new memories are created. You eventually become "in" on the jokes and share some memories from the past. Are you a step-parent?  How has the process been for you?

(I found this card by my dressing table before work on our anniversary)

I'm banking on this being lucky 13! ;)

Until further notice Celebrate Everything! 

On a final note,  I have to celebrate a personal milestone on my blog. I finally reached over 100,000 page views on Stylemindchic! That may not mean much to some of you but for me it was a personal goal.....and it made my day!

Thanks for your support and friendship in the blog community, as well as to my friends and family. My first blog supporter, Shelly at Lush, will always be very special to me. I believe she was my only regular 'commenter' for the first year or so of blogging and she kept me going! Check out Shelly's lovely blog. She's a doll! here

I always love it when you stop by!

Are you 'celebrating' anything special this week??


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