A Love Story for the Ages


A Love Story...

Do you ever have the sense that some things in life are just 'meant to be'?  Looking back you realize that if one element, in a sequence of events, hadn't happened, the course of life would be forever altered. Sometimes a sequence of events happen, and the result is not good, but sometimes the little things line up to perfection. This is one of those stories unfolding in my life.

In January of 2012 I found myself newly 50 years old and in the need of some creative excitement, a fresh new challenge in my life, so I decided to write a lifestyle blog which grew into Stylemindchic Lifestyle. Early in my blog writing I was seeking inspiration to share with readers and I did a short series on a few 'inspiring' women in my life. My first, and favorite, inspiration is my mom, Jeri, so I wrote a post about her here. I'm sure you will agree, my mom is pretty fabulous, as well as ageless. Jeri is also very stylish so I shamelessly wrote another post about her sense of style~Jeri's Style Guide here. My mom continues to inspire me, especially in rebuilding her life after the loss of my dad to cancer 4 years ago here.

In seeking ideas for an upcoming post I'll never forget the moment I felt strongly impressed that my second 'you inspire' post should be about a childhood friend, a photographer, Liz Russo, who owns a photography business. Now that I think back, it was totally random, since I had not seen or spoken to Liz in 30 + years.  I remembered her warmth and laughter in our elementary school days.  We had communicated a bit on Facebook more recently, we both adore Paris, so it was easy to connect and get some info for my second  'You Inspire' post that February here.

In March of 2012, we decided on a family photo, a photo shoot, for a Mother's Day gift.  Since I had just done a post on her photography, I thought of Liz immediately. I left a message, but she was traveling, so I didn't hear back. We had another photographer as an option, and due to time constraints, we almost called that studio to make an appointment....

I remember that moment vividly too.

Just a day later, Liz called me back, she was in town and ready to schedule.


A photo shoot was scheduled, starting with photos of mom,

 and Liz posted this photo on Facebook

Jeri Orr Norris portrait by Elizabeth Russo Photography in hydrangeas



My lovely mom~Jeri with a photo by

Eliza Russo Photography

Liz tagged me in the photo so that it showed on my Facebook page.


Elsewhere, a friend of Liz's saw the photo of my mom and commented on it.

Since I had been tagged in the photo I could reply to a complete stranger.


Comments On Facebook

Kathy-"I love this photo. What a classy lady! Let me know if she is single, my father-in-law is looking". Liz-"Well, Kathy...let's talk!" Me- (after a quick phone call to confer with  mom) "Why yes...as a matter of fact, my lovely mom is...single." That was July 4th, 2012. 

I think it's safe to say there was an immediate connection........

My mom, Jeri, and Hal (Mother's Day, May 2013, at my home)

And by mid-November, two months into their courtship,  these two.....were engaged!

This is such a happy time!!!

 If nothing else, I will always be grateful that in seeking inspiration for my Stylemindchic blog (and a little luck and a little divine inspiration) set in motion the little connections that created this big kind of happiness in life.


If you find yourself in a rough patch in life, don't give up.

Have hope...

you never know what could happen around the next corner.

If you know of someone who is needing hope right now, please share this story.

To see how this story turned out here and here.

Have you noticed a series of little things that ended up being a life changer?

I would love to hear about it.


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