The Love of a Father

Heather Lindstrom and Curt Orr at wedding Father and Daughter walk

I've learned about the love of a father from my extraordinary dad, James Curtis Orr.

Baby photos with my dad

My dad cared for me, his first-born adopted baby girl, with tenderness, generosity, humor, faith, and unconditional love. He passed away five years ago, but sometimes the grief feels like it was just yesterday. I still miss him, every day, but his legacy lives on. Days like these, glimpsing images of happy times, dissolve me into a teary mess. That's the thing about life, it's the bitter with the sweet.

Scott and his girls

Briana, Scott, Annika and Lauren (love this photo!)

I've learned about the love of a father from my husband, Scott Curtis Lindstrom, and his three daughters. As a new wife entering the family, this was uncharted territory.The bonding, the nurturing, the family history and unconditional love was powerful. Looking back, it was a gift to see a father's love, from the inside, as an adult, through the eyes of the man I love. I am forever grateful and proud of Scott, and his gorgeous girls, for the family we have become here.

Scott Lindstrom and Dad

I've learned about a father's love from my father-in-law, Dean Lindstrom, who raised five sons with his beloved wife Margie. Though he misses her dearly, he is still with us, at nearly 90 years of age. Dean 'Dad' shares his love and appreciation for his family in every conversation and each time we are together. We are looking forward throwing a party for his 90th birthday in November. He is to be celebrated.

The happy couple

I've learned about the love of a father from my new step-father, Hal, who married my mother last September. As a new family in the bonding stages, it's been a gift to see Hal and the close connections he has with his sons and grandsons. Hal has been a champion of hope, finding love and taking a big leap for love. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my mother and Hal on the journey of new love (that recently included a honeymoon in Europe). For more on how the little things come together to create a love story.

Heather Lindstrom, Heidi and Dad

Many of us will be celebrating Father's Day on Sunday. For some of us, who have lost our fathers, it's a bittersweet day. In looking back over the comments on my Father's Day post last year I realize that many of us will be missing our dads this year. To my sis, Heidi, we share the loss of our wonderful dad....sniff.... and we always cry just a bit when we talk about him.

J.Curtis Orr Collage

 Heidi's boys call us "The crying team" and they miss him too. He was an amazing gpa!

I'm also thinking of my friends today who have lost their dads~ Deb, Kathryn, Rae, Melanie, Jill, Lori, Shelly, Anita, Jennifer, Naomi, Leigh, Sherry, Sheri, Sandy, Leslie and so many others who share the loss of our dads. If you are celebrating your dad today, reach out, make a special effort. I encourage you to celebrate while time allows. To my beloved others who are without a dad to celebrate today, for entirely different reasons, I applaud your courage. The journey of life is not easy. It's a twisty, windy path sometimes. Here's to you for making peace with the hand life deals us all.

Wedding day kiss

For those of us celebrating the other special men in our lives this weekend,  I've pulled a few favorite things for my gift guide.

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Who will you be celebrating on Father's Day this year?

If you have a special tribute to a 'father' in your life we would love to hear about it.

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