Meeting Corey Amaro of Tongue in Cheek Blog

Last evening, at the very stylish Nantucket Home in Chico, I met my first blogger, in person. Corey Amaro of the very popular 'Tongue in Cheek' blog was an absolute delight. She grew up with a wonderful life in Willows but has lived in France ever since she fell in love with a handsome Frenchman....isn't that really the fantasy of all of us? What a lovely life they have created and it was wonderful to hear the stories. Nantucket home transformed their space into a 'get away to Provence' kind of evening. The delicious bites-quiches and French. The wine and the macaroons....the sunflowers, lavender and rosemary were everywhere....Don't even get me started on the Deux Chevaux in the entryway filled with flowers. It was a magical, transportive kind of evening. Corey, and her French husband were wonderful. It was such a treat to meet them, right here in Chico. In her lovely blog, "Tongue in Cheek" Corey beautifully describes our evening. Take a peek.

How do you say 'rock star' in French?

Oui! Way to go Corey!

Thanks for the hot tip on this event Nicole!