Signature Style: The Midi Skirt is Back and Skirting the Rules!


I'll have what she's having.... you too?

Do you remember that little swish a skirt a can make when you walk? It can feel so feminine and even flirty. Though a black pencil skirt is my go to for mixing it up and down, I've recently fallen in love with a full black maxi skirt here and it's back in fashion. Maybe it's that I wore knee length skirts, or below, exclusively for so many years that I got completely bored with them. Maybe it's that I had an epiphany the first time I put on a borrowed mini skirt at age 25. I swore off  midi skirts, moved to Los Angeles and started a whole new life(whoops that's a whole different post;). I'm surprising myself this season and I'm finding the midi skirt is looking fresh again.

via Lulu's

I'm loving this mix of blush silk, and gray wool midi with metallic kicks ( Lulu' a company born in Chico where I live).

One thing I'm enjoying about fashion this season is that almost anything goes. When it comes to hems, any length works.

With the right accents the midi is definitely having a moment this season.


This is the perfect contrast of leather jacket, booties and blush chiffon.

0fc994591b847cfd89166dde2c0c8877A bloder color is fun with ladylike details and a casual tee.


I always love a french stripy twist or


a touch of denim and leopard print.


Simply chic.



The hemline is brushing the ankles in this sophisticated look.

I'm falling for this one in blush from Zara. Though most of these looks are shown with heels the midi can work equally well with flat, or nearly flat, shoes. It's the perfect pairing of cool and comfort. Thinking of proportions, it's easy to see that a fuller skirt generally requires a leaner top. I'm seeing many crop tops (like the one above) in luxurious fabrics and elegant shapes. I boldly told my husband the other night that "I would if I could"  (I'm back to wanting to be the girl in the top photo for the day). I'm also seeing transparent or asymmetrical hemlines with the midi which keeps the whole vibe fresh.

How about you? Are you going to 'skirt the rules' and give this comfortable midi trend a try this season?


And speaking of skirting the rules.....

a little humor in a dish from Kate Spade at my Stylemindchic Boutique!