On My Dressing Table...White

Why not mix it up? I'm certainly guilty of setting up a space, my dressing table, a niche, a bookcase, to my liking and then leaving it the same for far too long.  It get's boring...yawn. With a little creativity it's fun to mix it up with things we already own.

In the series, 'On My Dressing Table', I'm having fun creating different looks for the same space. In my case, I have an antique French dressing table with a tri-fold mirror. The last look I created was reminiscent of mixed metals, rich textures and patterns with a warmer feel.  Today I'm freshening up the same space and going more sleek and serene.  These images are a few ideas from Pinterest to get us in the mood.

This nod to Hollywood glam adds a different twist with the mirrored surfaces and curvy legs. It brings a sophisticated but simple scheme to perfect the nook in this room. I can't help it, I always  like a touch of sheen.

 This version maintains a crisp, clean style with embellished parsons table and Hollywood Regency style mirrior.  This is an especially chic interplay of styles both modern and old world.

On my dressing table today I'm in the mood for pure and simple. The calla lilies are fresh from the garden, the footed dish vintage from my mother-in-law, Margie, the gifted laquer box and the tray in a fun faux croc, are all sentimental. I added some pretty bracelets from my sisters (xo), my white leather DKNY watch, Diorshow mascara, Arbonne bronzer, and a favorite tuberose candle to complete the mood. I snagged an early photo of 'us' from Scott's dresser. The calla lilies, always an early sign of spring for me, were from a batch originally transplated from my parents gorgeous garden in Loomis. I have moved them twice now and, thankfully, they are still thriving.

This look is completely different from the mixed metals of my previous design.  Warmth, textures, rich patterns enliven this space to set a whole different tone.  The contrast between these two photos shows how different the same space can look and feel when you mix it up. Have some fun with your style.Would love to hear your tips for mixing it up below!

What kind of look are you in the mood for today?

xx, Heather

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